Broshuis 5 axis Trailer with Wind Turbine Blade


– Standalone Trailer
– Cargo: Vattenfall Rotorblatt
– Weight: 19 tons ( real or unreal, no matter )

Authors: Roadhunter, Richard Vlastuin. Trucker92, Loogie, Sirano Vabis, Tegepa, Ventures87


16 thoughts on “Broshuis 5 axis Trailer with Wind Turbine Blade

  1. Mini šulínek

    Nice 🙂 More these trailers!

  2. UnableRogue

    This looks like it will be impossible to drive without smashing and scrapping everything. xD

  3. nope it is possible to drive with this trailer it just takes skill and take your time and learn to turn wide

  4. Great stuff.
    But nothing for Racers, of course… 🙂
    And it´s possible!

  5. Nice. Love the trailer. But, I think there’s a problem. I’m currently using the trailer with the peterbilt 389 4.0 truck. It seems when I’m making a turn with the truck, at certain times, or depending on the angle of the turn, the front of the trailer is making contact with the rear of the sleeper section of the truck causing damage to both truck and trailer.

    This probably doesn’t happens with the stock trucks of the game. It’s possible that some trucks that has a longer sleeper section or something that sits behind the cab that’s longer than the stock trucks may start getting damage.

    If someone could also check to see if they have the same problem, it would be appreciated.

  6. Roadhunter

    the Attacher by your peterbilt 389 must be moved backwards

    1. @Roadhunter
      Hello. Is that something I can do myself? If so, please explain how to make that adjustment. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

      1. Roadhunter


        only with Zmod3 you can move the Attacher

  7. Valentino

    Please make stelring axels in the trailer

  8. I love this trailer, but its damaging my truck when I’m making a sharp turn. The front part of the trailer hits the cabin of the truck. I’m driving a scania streamline. It would be great if you could fix that.

    1. Fixed my problem by changing the chassis. The 4×2 chassis haves the connection point for the trailer closer to the cabin then the 6×2 and 6×4 chassis.
      Changed the chassis to 6×4 and now it works without any problems. Love this trailer.

  9. Please make steering axles in the trailer !?

  10. This one is really great! TY! I hope you have time for add some texture… hust to have the trailer more ##### and realistic… the wooden floor looks great as well 8) Is difficult to fly, but not too much… TY!

  11. norwaynoob1

    roadhunter can you help me

  12. TheCaptain19Wingnut

    I think the pin on the trailer needs to be moved forward. Its obviously wrong if we are able to use any other trailer in the game without any problems but this one. I love all your trailer mods and hope this is corrected in a updated version.

  13. Mikko Paha

    is there a version somewhere that works on 1.23? game crashes after picking this 1

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