Brown/Black Scania RJL Interior & Exterior

Brown/ Black interior for Scania Rjl
Isn’t the best quality, but useful

madsedvard, Rjl


20 Responses to Brown/Black Scania RJL Interior & Exterior

  1. Dieter Debo says:

    Nice interior! Ty!

  2. Christo says:

    Awesome! I waited long time for curtains like this… Thank you!

  3. Jonghei says:

    Looks cool! Maybe similar to NextGen? 🙂

  4. MattCrutu says:

    Love it (:

  5. scaniatrucking says:

    can you make the curtains for scania next gen? otherwise nice mod 🙂

  6. franck says:

    bonjour, j’ai l’interieur mais pas les rideaux

  7. LoVVered says:

    Thanks again madsedvard!

  8. Stefan says:

    can you make the curtains for DAF Xf 105 ?

  9. Raf56 says:


  10. Raf56 says:

    Hello, it’s a nice interior, but no have this fringe (curtains)

  11. Geovani says:

    How do I put the curtains?

  12. Marvin says:

    It has Problems. I cant find the curtain

  13. kuba5541 says:

    I cant find the curtain 🙁 pls help

    • Dirk Marien says:

      die Vorhänge findet Ihr unter dem Punkt Wunderbaum New Car

  14. ZaTTychks says:

    Cool mod, but neeeeeed do this for Next gen, and 4 series

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