Brutal environment HD engine 4.1


Compatibile ETS2 and ALL TSM
(we only tested these in turn may work with other map)

New Green Grass
More Ai , Mover and environment sounds
longer sunrise and sunset

How to remove if you do not like truks engine sounds?

Total commander entering my Brutal 4.1 engine.
Enter SOUND directory and TRUCK subdirectory and VOLVO or SCANIA etc.
This Truck name directory includes truck engine sounds. Please


DOWNLOAD 461 MB Yellow road line
DOWNLOAD 461 MB White road line

38 Responses to Brutal environment HD engine 4.1

  1. Андрей says:

    да блять пиздец,на одной карте не идет,эта тот дефолт только к которой добавлены города сверху и слева не помню названия

  2. Stewen says:

    TSM меня не заморожены, по крайней мере в 4.5.9, файл gamelog.txt что он сказал?

    • ko says:

      Графа вроде норм, а вот звуки-это ппц, вроде поезда рядом нет, а звук есть?! Как вообще удалить звуки? и оставить только графику. Есть такая возможность?!

  3. Truckero says:

    Введите каталогов и TRUCK подкаталог звук и Вольво или SCANIA и т.д.
    Этот каталог Грузовик имя включает звуки двигателя грузовика. пожалуйста

  4. Truckero says:

    Not working with promods scandinave map or with hungary map or romania map soo is very useless just another shiity upload file…

  5. Michael says:

    Сделай пожалуста свой мод совместимым с этим а то половина графики с ним не появляется.

    • Stewen says:

      Я также изменил свет на, если вы хотите, чтобы перезаписать этот мод переименования файла фотографии “Z” – который начинается

      • Michael says:

        если Brutal environment опускать ниже, то не работает часть того мода.

  6. Hicham says:

    Ok,, this is the best thing that have ever happened for ETS 2 !!!

  7. Crushed_profile says:

    Hello, Sir Author!
    Today, I checked the V4.1.
    V4.1 works with TSM,DLC, but not work with
    Promods V1.5.2, RomaniaV5.2, Hungary mapV0.9.
    I have deleted “mover.tsm.sii” in World folder under DEF folder.
    Then Promods, Romania, Hungary map is working!!.
    I think that there is a problem with “mover.tsm.sii”. Please retest this file.

    Please refer to the image below. (This is a image of Romania map operation with x-brutal-V4.1)

    • Stewen says:

      Why Default map working MOVER.TSM file?
      I think Another map error…

  8. PandaModz says:

    Hey why not make it for for ProMods??
    i use your 3.0, but want to upgrade but i cant.
    Do i have to switch to another modder who makes a mod working with Promods?

    • Stewen says:

      I try to download pro mods without installing def file does not work.
      can not download elsewhere.
      I do not like promods

      • PandaModz says:

        The DEF. is stand alone, the individual user can make the DEF. file with or without damage .

        i know you would make alot skandinavian users happy if you make it to work with Promods.

        your 3.0 works with Promods.

      • PandaModz says:

        The first step is to generate your def file. This file contains a number of configurations that expert users can finetune. At this moment the options are limited but this will rapidly be expanded in the future.

        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (opens a new window)

        This file needs to be copied to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods directory. Please place it as is, it does not need to be extracted.

        The importance of this file is critical. The mod will NOT work without this file!

  9. MaxSenz says:

    I dont like this mod anymore :(((

    In first versions was good,but now….ach…

    And,i dont like anymore the colors which ARE NOT REAL !!!
    Look around man !!! The world IS NOT SO COLORFULL !!!

    But for fun it is good mod…

  10. Mercohaulic (Steve) says:

    Crashes if you use promods must use 3.0 or earlier if using Promods. Oh well gonna have to find something else I guess.

    • Stewen says:

      or write to someone other mods.
      I wrote it down as it is compatible.
      ETS2 + ALL TSM!
      therefore assume the responsibility.
      Another map not care.

  11. Stewen says:

    March comes Brutal Environment HD 5.1 engine!
    But do not public.
    Keep to myself …
    ha ha ha ha ha

    It was enough to listen to desecrate my job.
    prepare better than anyone, now I don’t care

    • error 404 says:

      Don’t get mad by these cheap critic comments buddy, almost of the people using mods don’t have any clue about the work it represents and the difficulty to make a mod compatible to others. Do your thing and don’t care if ppl don’t like 😉

      • Stewen says:

        worth it to go to besmirch other work.
        “It is not realistic”
        “#### colors”
        “Factory color better”
        1.5 Brutal “fake mod”
        This map does not go, do not go to another map

        boring …

        I have not seen his work better than mine.

  12. Mercohaulic says:

    Dont get me wrong I love the work that is done on X Brutal. I am just asking if you can please bring back support for ProMods. Keep up the good work

    • Stewen says:

      My engine is not password protected !
      And this is no accident.
      Everyone feel free to add or delete a letter
      I do not mind

  13. sameh says:

    How to run on Euro Truck Simulator 2

    • debysanyi says:

      Ne foglalkozz azokkal, akik le akarják húzni a munkád. Ez nem tetszik-az nem tetszik. Elismerem, borzasztó bosszantó tud lenni, de inkább azokkal törődj, akik értékelik! Csak így tovább!

      • Stewen says:

        A kritika sosem zavart. Sőt attól jutottunk el a 4.1-ig is. Ami zavar amikor gyalázkodnak, vagy megpróbálják egy szar használhatatlan MOD-nak bemutatni más több száz munkaórás és hibátlan! (lehet ellenőrizni a game.log.txt file-ban) munkáját.
        De azért köszi.
        Amúgy sosem a senkik véleménye érdekelt hanem a szakmabeliek-é, csak hogy itt pl senkiről sem lehet tudni hogy az e ? vagy pedig nem az, de elismerő azavak 15 hozzászólásonként 1-1, a többi kezd unalmas lenni mert alaptalan. Pl amikor a kisfilmet (Dávid és góliát)a 2.1-hez elkészítettem sem az érdekelt hányan minuszoltak vagy plusszoltak, hanem Hogy M. Tóth Géza tanár úr hogyan értékeli és ő tőle pozitív volt a kritika tehát ha 10.000-en minuszolnak majd, azt is leszarom 🙂

  14. Laba says:

    How to remove glare from the railings?

  15. Theosz says:

    Sorry admin (glup)

    Can u remove my comment above?

    the link with game.log.txt. Stewen

    • Stewen says:

      Errors begin line 00:01:02.168
      many many errors and warning…
      However, I have not seen either one of which would be to do with the brutal environment 4.1

    • Stewen says:


      Please not uploading so game.log.txt file which contains many another mod file!!!
      I will not be analyzed through.

      uploading if error:
      ETS2 + Brutal 4.1
      ETS2 + TSM xxx + Brutal 4.1

      • Theosz says:

        ok Stewen.

        Tested in ETS2 v1.8.25 + Eastern Express 3.2 + Brutal 4.1.

        Errors when buy truck or upgrade garage. When I remove ur mod works fine, else crash.

        I didn’t know that only your mod is only compatible to TSM, sorry.

        mod removed. thx for reply

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