Brutal Environment HD Engine Lite Edition


This is Lite Edition of original Brutal Environment HD Engine by Stewen i just made lite edition and thats means i do this

Removed all trucks
Removed companys
Removed trailers
Removed billborads
Removed loading screens
Removed all about trucks
Removed all not needed files

Size is now almost half smaller than original

Tested on 1.26.x.x

BLiNKT, Stewen, Others


5 Responses to Brutal Environment HD Engine Lite Edition

  1. Ethan Warren says:

    Thank you! I was in the process of downloading the original file from Stewen and gave up. I proceeded to refresh and this came up!

    Thanks again, life saver!

  2. Mercohaulic says:

    Did you remove the Sounds as well. Just curious I have my own sounds and wanted to keep them.

  3. amonrada says:

    thx good graphics mod and working 1.25(little fix)

  4. pavel says:

    where does this go in the load order? I’m running ProMods and RusMap. Should it go above the maps or be first mod after the maps?

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