Brutal Environment HD sound engine 81


Compatibiles : ETS2 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x + All TSM map.

Several optimized textures.


DOWNLOAD 821 MB white road lines (mediafire)
DOWNLOAD 821 MB white road lines (
DOWNLOAD 821 MB yellow road lines (mediafire)
DOWNLOAD 821 MB yellow road lines (

63 thoughts on “Brutal Environment HD sound engine 81

  1. SharpeGamezModz

    Nice work

  2. Super work Stewen

  3. you are best Stewen !!!

  4. How much plus memory do I need for this mod ?
    I only have got 2GB +1 Gb video ram.

    1. not more, use factory recommended hardware setting.

      1. please make new version.Nice work

  5. Video please?

    1. video Brutal 6.1

      not to make another video, because of the ample 6.1 shows what the brutal compared to the original game


  6. how is traffic sound hearing in cabin when driving cab camera mod

    1. game_data.sii

      Brutal setting:

      interior_sound_volume: 0.51
      interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

      Factory setting:

      interior_sound_volume: 0.05
      interior_sound_pitch: 0.6

  7. It is for ProMod too Stewen??

    1. not tested. I think it works.

  8. work with promods or MsHeavyAlex too stewen?

    1. not tested. I think it works.

      1. ok i’ll give it a try

  9. can t dl on mega stops at 90%

    1. Many people are Likely to download. please wait. thanks for the patience.

  10. Thanks

  11. it’ a nice mod 🙂

  12. with pleasure…

  13. I don’t understand the meaning of the screenshot of game settings, can you please explain it in english?

    1. antialiasing = ON
      high dynamic range = ON
      Depth on field = ON
      Sunshafts = ON
      color enhancement = OFF

  14. As with these servers to download this mod because something can not check on these servers

  15. can i delete safe ai cars in def-vehicle folder

    1. Def directory ai CARS Brutal environment overwrite new strong light settings.

  16. Great work…Thanks!

  17. why my comment got deleted????

  18. ScaniaJunk

    Compatibile with Just play mod?

    1. just play???

  19. Great job ,again Stew. Keep it up and much love !

    1. merry christmas 🙂

  20. AlMacTavish

    Excellent mod, played around 3-4 hours on pro mods with it, no crashes or any frame drops on my end! Thank and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you.


      (republic of gamers)

      1. AlMacTavish

        Hi Stewen, is it possible to change some setting which lower the engine sound within the cab?


        1. not password protect my engine. game_data.sii delete file and enjoy the factory settings cabin volume.

          1. AlMacTavish

            Thats perfect now, Thanks Stewen!

          2. Hi Stewen, is it possible to change some setting which lower the engine sound within the cab? can u tell how? i cant found the game_data.sii, so can u teach me how to do and how to fix in deep

  21. Stewen, как добавить-заменить на свой звук скании? и не удалить твою папку sound. Просто удалить звук скании?!

    1. Да, или переименовать другие голосовые аддон “ZZZZ”. scania.scs

      1. Оке! Спасибо!

  22. This used to be my favorite mod, now I don’t know what it is. Errors, sounds glitching, lag spikes. Go back to 4.1 please! Drugs are bad!

    1. evolution, no involution. many of people good this 8.1 version

  23. Stewen, I just start the game, install your mod!
    Thank you and you an artist! day, night, impecables! the best for me.
    Good luck.


  24. espectacular muchas gracias !!

  25. Stewen, can I just say THANK YOU !!

    I’ve just started playing again and used your mod. It’s a big improvement. I especially didn’t like driving at night because it was .. well.. boring and dangerous (didn’t see other cars until they were driving next to you..) Now I love it. Much more realistic.

    Kudos for the package !

    1. “night” Brutal engine not realistic …
      Spectacular scenery but much good playable, and I think better.

  26. Stewen, привет! Как сделать просто текстуры, без звука и моделей?

    1. Я обратился завод текстуры яркость, контраст, меньшие дополнения. Если вы хотите создать размер файла должны быть соблюдены. Использование фотошоп

  27. Since I downloaded and started using this mod, all trucks and busses appear to have the same Goodyear tires…
    And I also noticed trailers with skins like Apple, Nvidia, Intel and Niks for instance which I have never seen before…
    How is this possible?
    By the way, I use most of Jazzycat’s vehicle mods.

    1. jazzycat thief

      1. But why the Goodyear tires?
        is that an addition to your mod that I can delete?

        1. And I rather have oil tankers with Shell, Esso, texaco skins than Apple, Spar or Nike…

  28. Pochemu u menya posle ustanovki etogo moda, poyavilas’ nadpis’ na shinah “goodyear”, i tak na vsem transporte, kak eto udalit’?

  29. Tribaltech

    Brutal is better than default, i hate the HDR.

  30. I have new Brutal 9.1 new bad and storm weather of sky and color settings. cool….
    I think about this release waiting….

    1. Hi,

      Please, add badge GlobetrotterXL for Volvo FH2012 Traffic AI.

      Delete wheel trucks/trailer good year G3..


    2. please release brutal 9.1.I am waiting!

      1. I’m all so waiting please release 9.1 stewen now that game is 1.12.1 thanks

  31. Hi stewen please can you release brutal 9.1 it’s a great mod brutal 8.1 not fully comp with game version 1.12.1 at least for me anyway don’t know about any one else thanks

  32. jimi_2011

    Yes please release brutal 9.1 for 1.12.1, it’s a very good mod

  33. I can’t wait too

  34. Szia Stewen!

    Élősszőris köszi a mod-ot. Nagyot dob a grafikán. Ne foglalkozz a sok hülyével. Van aki semmit nem tudd értékelni. Látom sokan kérdik hogy lehet ezt-azt kiiktatni a mod-bol. Miért nem dobsz be egy rövid leírást hogy mit kel torolni hogy testre szabhatjuk (hangok, trailer-ek, stb). Például a grafika szuper de nekem a hangok nem szolnak jól az én berendezésemen. Nagyon “tag” a sztereó hatás is zseng a fülem tőle. Elég ha törlöm a Sounds mappát es a game_data.sii-t?

    Koszi és várjuk a v9.1-et!

  35. Hi Stewen, is it possible to change some setting which lower the engine sound within the cab? cant found the game data sii. i dont understand so can u explin deep how to chenge all this stuf. or u can send me video link. plz

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