Brutal Environment HD Sound Engine Gold 2018 [1.32.x]

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Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold 1.32.X patch version:
Enhanced gaming Experience
Repaired textures, and skripts, sounds
This ONLY game version 1.32.x!



18 Responses to Brutal Environment HD Sound Engine Gold 2018 [1.32.x]

  1. President10 says:

    oooowww broo tanks 🙂

  2. дима says:

    наконец-то,появился,спасибо огромное,давно ждал.

  3. darex2521 says:


  4. zui says:

    Great! Thank you!

  5. amon says:

    welcome back ,looks good and sounds good

  6. MEICKY says:

    Danke dir suuuuper

  7. SALSAMBO says:

    You have to turn off color correction or HDR.

  8. Goosy says:

    What planet is the video from ?

  9. pucho67 says:


  10. amon says:

    @pucho67 u need update your game to 1.32

  11. amon says:

    your mod cause this [flare_blink] Attribute ‘blink_delay_on’ is obsolete. Please use ‘blink_pattern’ attribute instead. (

  12. flemingjr says:

    I have a question and at the time it is a question .. your sample video is very different to the mod you give away … for example, the sky is very different from the video

  13. Luki35 says:

    Mam pytanko czemu jest niebo czerwone jak je naprawic

  14. bdionysis80 says:

    I use the mode since i first played ETS2. At this time, i see that you keep up the good job.however,some improvements are necessary especially to the asphalts and lanes. Same country for example Sweden,The asphalt dark and yellow lanes (i love it)…but intersections come with white lanes and then again yellow…Same goes to Germany and so on…Isn’t possible to make a homogenous road?I just ask, i do nothave further knowledge on that matter…Old map with modified asphalt and yellow lanes are ideal…

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