Brutal environment HD + Sound Engine v 10.1


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– Not compatible ETS2 1.8.x and older versions

– Please not use Sweet FX (the Sweet FX another graphics engine)

– Fixed error vegetations textures.

– Fixed all warning devloper messages. (Nothing errors)

– Fixed (low resolution graphics) asphalt ” black effect ”

– Less grass parameter, improved FPS

– New Included all panorama textures Default and TSM

Author: Stewen

DOWNLOAD 1 GB Yellow Lines [mediafire]

DOWNLOAD 1 GB Yellow Lines []

DOWNLOAD 893 MB Only HD Engine Yellow

DOWNLOAD 893 MB Only HD Engine White

DOWNLOAD 149 MB Only Sound Engine

66 thoughts on “Brutal environment HD + Sound Engine v 10.1

  1. DOWNLOAD 893 MB Only HD Engine White, there is sound engine ?

    Video please

    1. 893 MB onli HD graphics engine.
      Sound engine 149 MB.

      HD + SOUND engine 1 GB first link…

      Older version Speaks for itself.

      1. Ivan Barać

        that video is from version 8.1. Show us vid for 10.1. Thank you.

        1. do not want to have a video comparison of SCS default and my Brutal engine.
          to SCS has a huge slap in the face in the my video version 8.1.

          1. Ivan Barac

            i’m not satisfied with that answer…but ok. Thanks anyway

      2. Stewen, ты вообще нормальный?
        Ты выпускаешь мод версии v 10.1 а видео кидаешь с 8.1. Что за это время ты не чего не изменил и нового не добавил, кроме ненужных звуков?!

        1. Братан , на 1.10. 1. работать будет ? Не хочу я менять пока версию на новую .)

        2. расширяется, становится все более красивым

          1. так, хоть небо поправь, и луну.

      3. 1GB is more than the older versions

        1. did. more texture and repairs.

  2. Thanks Stewen super work,, and keep going

  3. DeineMudda

    Is it for promods too?

    1. yes.

  4. SergeyKnight

    MHAPro map EU and RusMap work?

    1. I think yes

  5. Just did a long trip from Germany to Greece
    Rock solid – i downloaded the 1Gb file
    Very good work

  6. Do You Have The 1GB Version Of The White Lines?

    1. All versions include yellow and white lines.

      default lines gaming usage:
      materials/road/ (white lines rename and use wihe lines) (yellow lines rename and use yellow lines)

  7. truckster


  8. LionBuster

    Thanks Stewen ^^

    Greetings from Argentina d:

  9. Awesome mod 😀

  10. Will it works with ProMods 1.71 + Poland Rebuilding 1.71a + RusMap 1.3.5 ?

    1. I think yes. we tested only TSM map. if a mod map used in the original ETS2 textures and not your own, Brutal works there.

  11. I love this mod but will we get a version for 1.12.1 please

  12. cant get to install is there a read me file for instructions.

    1. Install instructions!

      remove all mod files!
      Loading brutal environment mod file!
      Replaces use and enjoy beautiful graphics and sound flawless operation!

  13. Kerem Peksen

    Hi Stewen good work, i was used before your older verssion 9.1 that was really good. But now 10.1 have some grabhics bugs, some mountains and side road blocks clours turning purple.
    My English is not good, sorry about that.
    You can see my screen shot about that problem

    1. please replace “map” screenshot.

      1. Kerem Peksen

        I don’t know if you meant the screenshot of the game I posted but if so then here:

        If not that, what do you mean “map” screenshot?

          1. Kerem Peksen

            This problem is everywhere.
            England, Germany
            But map SS in here.

          2. Brutal Nothing problem…
            we think you videocard driver you problem.
            reinstall it, refresh


          1. Use TSM map. another map used not guaranteed.

          2. it is tsm ..

          3. 1 to 10 brutal version was not problem.
            no more idea what is causing

  14. it’s too big 😐

    1. my wife said the same thing

      1. lol,ahahah…good one !!! 😀 BRUTAL 😉

  15. Faelandaea

    Seriously – THANK YOU!!!!! I remember one of my hopes for this project would be the ability to someday download the HD engine separate from the sounds – this upload did that. People take a lot of free mods for granted, but I wish you to know this mod is VERY much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  16. @stewen

    I downloaded 1GB yellow lines and I don’t see white lines ?

    1. 1 delete material/road/ and factory default white lines.

      2 rename material/road/ to and overvrite.


      1. You’re french ?

  17. you can increase the traffic (cars and trucks) for your next update ?

    1. no.

      1. How can I ?

        1. increase the traffic = low FPS
          My Brutal engine optimized FPS not killing FPS.

  18. Ryo_Yashimura

    thanks mate… was looking forward of the new HD Brutal version… 😀

  19. @stewen,

    I deleted roots material/road/ and

    I modified by

    It’s correct ?

    1. No

      rename =

      copy and replaced old version.

      1. “copy and replaced old version.”

        Brutal 9.1 ?

        1. yessss.

          good job.

  20. @Stewen Hi mate are you making a version that works in 1.12.1? *crosses his fingers*

    1. works.
      compatible ets2 1.12.x + all TMS
      coming soon patch 1.13.x is likely to come brutal environment 11.1 version

  21. Brutal environment 11.1 (beta testing rain night)


    stay? or cancel?

    1. Sumerian_Demon

      ey man loved you graphics engine, however the sound its toooo quiet from the inside of the cabin.. and i have tried changing the GAME DATA SII file.. in order to listen souns louder … but was not possible, could you please tell me or .. send me a fix for that??.. i want to listen the cars .. truck motors , etc…

      i have also made a different mod, with the change of sound volumes, but my zoom (i am using eastern express) is going worthless.. please bro help me.. loved your mod.. 🙂

      BTW.. that photo with the rain for version 11.1 rocks! i would love to see those clouds..! thanks in advance :)! cheers from mexico man

      1. Brutal environment sound engine:!eJgAQAzT!DzYzSZGPfMCZoFISOTNxXwO-GdaJlfF1IE0edUcQ5VQ

        Brutal 11 beta short video :

        if you want to change sound parameters:
        edit game_data.sii file!

        Brutal setting:
        interior_sound_volume: 0.51
        interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

        Factory setting:
        interior_sound_volume: 0.05
        interior_sound_pitch: 0.6

        1. Sumerian_Demon

          so.. the sound from te 1Gb document is not the same.. that on your soun engine??

          1. but yeah.

            I thought just you downloaded the only graphics engine.

  22. Icant get the files to scs file . please explain a little easier for an #####. I used your 8.1 and enjoyed it would like to enjoy this also

  23. Steve_the_trucker

    I thought the sound mod was a bit quiet, even after turning my volume control up, the thunderstorm is nice but it sounds very weak, if the storm is overhead it should be loud, but, apart from that, nice mod thank you, Stewen.

  24. Stewen, I love your mod but could you please provide a patch to remove the default Good Year tyres or replace them with more “consensual” ones ?

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