Brutal Environment HD & Sound Engine v 5.1


Compatibile ETS2 + ALL TSM

– Integration external sounds to Cabin.
– Removed mover.tsm.sii. ( running another maps )
– Auto saved game 30 minute instead of 15
– Further refinement of the sounds

Author: Stewen

DOWNLOAD 460 MB Yellow road line
DOWNLOAD 460 MB White road line

27 Responses to Brutal Environment HD & Sound Engine v 5.1

  1. Stewen says:

    Brutal environment HD & sound engine 5.1 Share mods links Please replaced This:

    Unfortunately, it forgot to link these mover.tsm.sii improved this link


    if you use a “no damage” mod Replaces of the external sound to internal cabin setting.

    Please use my NO DAMAGE mod file and set the external sound to remain internal cabin good sound setting

    Best regards.

    • klever says:

      Your NO DAMAGE mod is’t works at Kenworth Long.
      Moreover any not working on this standalone truck.
      Make a good one Plese.

      • Stewen says:

        this “no damage” mod on my brutal environment.
        use other mod use other “no damage” mod

  2. Truckero says:

    man i have Brutal-Environment-HD-engine-3 and promods 1.5 how to add u brutal environment and out the old mod without crashing my game or profile?

    • Stewen says:

      Not testing promods. sorry. another maps problem cause mover.tsm.sii
      This 5.1 version mover.tsm.sii file deleted.

  3. Nikon says:

    Stewen,why do not you release the sound mod independently? Many are waiting for, and I also;-)

    • Stewen says:

      My sound setting:

      interior_sound_volume: 0.75
      interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

      • Nikon says:

        Thanks for the answer, but I mean on the issuance of a separate sound mod out of graphic mod!
        Example can,Brutal Sound Engine v 5.1,possibly?

        • Stewen says:

          understand. I made ​​the same brutal avoid having to use a lot of a lot of mod files.
          If only something like a loaded 1 mod file and ready 🙂

  4. Willy says:

    Look like we have the windows open.

  5. Human says:

    Activate in this mod and should works fine

  6. Mercohaulic says:

    First off great mod but how to I change my sound settings to this?


    interior_sound_volume: 0.75
    interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

    • Stewen says:

      Default setting:

      interior_sound_volume: 0.05
      interior_sound_pitch: 0.6

  7. PandaModz says:

    STILL a shame that you can’t (or wont) find a way to make it work with promods….

    We are a fan of your mods, until it came over your 3,0…
    Then we find out that you don’t make it for us promods users, a bare shame.. :/

  8. Mercohaulic says:

    Love the mod however the cabin sounds are a lil loud. It sounds like I have my windows open. I think if you can turn it down half way of what you have now it will be goof Thank u for your hard work

  9. Meddle says:

    Will this work fine on regular map + dlc without TSM? Will it work on 1.9.2s beta? Thanks so much, loved this mod since day 1!

    • Meddle says:

      I am using it on 1.9.2s beta right now without TSM. I will reply again if I crash while playing today, cheers Stewen!

      • Stewen says:

        Thank you!

        • Meddle says:

          This mod is working flawlessly on 1.9 beta patch. No lag, beautiful colors, no glitches. This is by far the best mod ever made.

          • Stewen says:

            köszönöm szépen, gyerünk játszunk 🙂

          • Stewen says:

            Thank you very much, let’s play

  10. Schaffisen says:

    Xbrutal 5.1 works in Scandinavia Map if you do not run dit.Du who is a top guy try to fix it so you can drive in Skandnavien. Continue in this style many thanks for the good mods.

  11. András says:

    Your mod is very good,but the trucks sounds are bad.
    Can you change these?

    • Stewen says:

      Yes the all the new trucks sounds next Brutal environment Hd & Sound engine 6.1 !

  12. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    Very, very nice mod!

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