Brutal Environment HD & Sound Engine v 7.1


Compatible :
ETS2 1.9.X + TSM 4.7
ETS2 1.8.X + ALL TSM

Author: Stewen

– Optimize all big textures
– Less grass than the factory setting
– New grass, corn, trailer company logos and many more

DOWNLOAD 708 MB Yellow road line Mediafire
DOWNLOAD 708 MB Yellow road line

DOWNLOAD 708 MB White road line Mediafire
DOWNLOAD 708 MB White road line

DOWNLOAD 10 KB Brutal version compatible NO Demage mod

77 thoughts on “Brutal Environment HD & Sound Engine v 7.1

  1. YusupMansor

    thanks stewen….i like the sound engine 🙂


  3. works on promods with DLC???

    1. I think yes

  4. Tyrannix2342

    amend your sound in the cabin because it is too loud.

    1. good for cabin noise tester according to the most real driver.

      1. Stewen, your work is pretty well done and great but don’t believe real driver about that , they cannot be real drivers !! When you are driving your car in the city , do you hear the train 1 kilometer away ?
        When driving with close windows do you hear the car close to you like it’s soyouz taking off ???

        Sound coming from the external environnment is too loud that’s all , a lot of people are reporting that , even if you don’t accept that it is like that .

        Hope to see a correction in next update my friend , continue your great work.

  5. Can you exclude only separate engine sound pack? I would be grateful

    1. the sound pack my engine “sound” directory.
      extract and use 🙂

  6. darex2521

    Dzięki , super

  7. as i said a little bite above , external environnment sound when you are in your cabin is much too loud…

    Anyway it’s a great mod !!!!

  8. The download contains 708 MB but after being dropped are only 280 mb, how come? The “Brutal” have always been more than 800 mb, ………

  9. I don’t understand this mode, it looks washed out compared to a simple SweetFX. Does it have AA included, or do I have to enable it? Do I have to tick HDR option or not? How about scaling, what settings should I use to make this mod POP? Btw I like the textures and the louder sound but I don’t like that it replaced my sound mods from Kriechbaum.

    1. Not Sweet FX. All important texture repaired.
      Brutal environment sound engine factory sound repaired.
      Brutal not use another mod sounds.

      if you want to use more Kriechbaum rename the file zzKriechbaum.

  10. Stewen, tell me ad other plese what sound mod is included in this mod. I make picture what sound mod I have and want to know what sound mod I can delete safely.

    Adress is here…

    1. There are two possibilities.

      1- delete brutal environment all sound “SOUND” directory
      2- rename all external sound mod “volvo_sound_mod_by….” zzvolvo_sound_mod_by…

      1. Ok thnx I just look inside folder and saw some of same mods what is already in your big mod file

  11. Danke Schön!

  12. Female Trucker

    Hi Stewen.
    Really great Mod, Graphics are really good but !! Please can you make another mod without the engine sound as the inside the cab it’s way to loud, being a real life Trucker, inside the cab, I can also still hear the Traffic passing by, in your mod, all I can hear is the engine.
    Thankyou Stewen.

    1. Unfortunately, different systems, different sound to hear the results.
      Good 1.5 sound system volume, bass, treble according to testers.
      (I have one 5.1 system)
      problem with most of these, 2.1 speaker system.


      1. sorry “Good 1.5 sound”….

        Good 5.1 sound…

  13. Hello Stewen. Thank you for your great work. I think this is the best environmental mod of all I know. By the way, I’ve heard some real truck drivers open a window a little bit to hear sound from outside. Sound is information. I’m not sure, but, is this the reason why some people post about cabin sound?
    (I’m not in Euro. There might be a cultural difference.)

  14. brutal environment inside cabin noise override :

    Sound – truck (truck and directory name Volvo, Scania, Daf, etc) -” INT ” subdirectory.

    If you do not like the brutal delete all ( truck name) under the” INT ” name directory.

    and you will hear the default setting.

  15. Female Trucker

    Thankyou for your quick response o my Comments Stewen, really appreciate that :)However !! I have decided to remove your mod from my game sadly and I will wait for the next mod that does not have loud engine noise hopefully, but please do keep up the Fantastic job you are doing.

    1. it will not be next.

      I finished …


    2. remingtonh

      I deleted the entire int folder under sound/truck and it didn’t change the much to loud interior sound. I’ll keep working on the mod because the graphics are gorgous, but this is really disappointing.

  16. You’re doing great work, really!

    You are just not open to criticism…and criticism is what you will get as soon you release your work for the public..

    Graphical wise your mod rocks!

    And i mean this truly.
    Vegetation, clouds, corn etc is beautiful in this version.

    If you are getting tired of people having opinions about your mod, keep your mod private.

    If you want to improve your mod, be a little more open to what people say.

    Again, i really liked your earlier versions, the ones without the sound engine.

    1. do not care what people say.
      Within three months of my life to this work about 1000 work hours.
      It was enough.
      No place to develop, did not want to use multiple mods, graphics, sound, light etc.
      so I made one for myself but I shared my engine a lot of positive feedback.
      I think this version is the best, there is no point in further development.

      who wants to use and enjoy.

      1. I understand,

        and you did make a name for yourself with this particulare mod.

        It very difficult to please everyone, i get that.

        Good luck with future projects.

        1. No matter what you do, everyone not like it..
          most people like it my brutal engine.
          who does not like to look for another mod or not to use or to write a mod for himself 🙂

          Thank you very much.

          1. Well, this version is indeed very nice..i do have another truck engine sound mod running though.

            external sound is not too loud in my case..maybe because of other mods.

            Did you also modify weather?

  17. Yes.
    Brutal engine modify weather, hdr setting, light setting, textures, skybox, Sounds, vegetation, wheel particle rain, dirt, snow, skid, and Two-stage FPS optimization.

    in other words, try to make a better game…

    1. Ok, thanks stewen.

      Does this mean i have to disable HDR_Fix.scs?

      I’m coming back to my former critisme, this version is very nice.

      1. *criticism

  18. laurentiu824

    can tell me anyone why my mod is not upload?i upload a sound by 3 days every day,and it’s not up,sorry Stewen i write it here but i would like know it

    1. do not understand.
      I ask for little more explanation.

      1. laurentiu824

        i made this sound

        and i was asked by by Paolo: can u distinguish betweet the sound of scania R2009 and scania streamline coz i need this sound just for the streamline .
        thx good luck

        wich i made it,because i know there are more people who would like it

        and i i upload it every day by 3 days ago and is nowhere

        1. You scania engin external sound good.
          the interior is very low noise to me.
          Brutal environment use factory default sound little repairing.

          1. laurentiu824

            i can make louder it’s not a probleme for me,but first i want to know why it’s not upload it this


          2. Just as a curiousity Stewen,i know it mainly depends on the computer configuration,but using your mod,would improve FPS or one might experience sever drops of FPS in certain cases ?

  19. to upload?
    if use you sound engine renamed you mod file ZXNew_Scania_V8_Sound_by_laurentiu824.scs and working.

    I’m sorry I see you scania sound engine through the sound does not work well and your mod 5.1 speaker system.
    probably a good 1.2 speakers.

    1. LucianM:

      Brutal repair FPS definitely make this two different ways.

      1. OF all! great textures optimized for smaller, it will cause some acceleration.
      2. The program uses an example of a factory area of 500 pieces of grass Brutal quite a lot less 300 pieces. it also causes acceleration.

      My testers comments, the use of brutal smooth operation even where the factory faltering without brutal environment engine use.

      1. Thanks for the sharp reply Stewen.Gonna give a go and give you a feedback on it,can’t wait to test the TSM map with this.Cheers

    2. laurentiu824 system is 5.1,thanks for help

      1. you sound engine Acceleration is the first the front speaker after only is just rear speaker. I think about this speak.

        1. laurentiu824

          i don’t about this,is first time when i hear this,and to me it’s working fine to others too who download it,because they did’nt told me about this

  20. stewen can u check the link for white road line mediafire, cause i cant download it. its too long for me to waiting. thanks before

  21. Наверное можно было сделать просто какую-то кнопку отключения внешних звуков.По принципу:открыл окно-есть звуки,закрыл-звуки пропали!

  22. So .. this is the 1st time i run Brutal HD .. and .. #### .. it’s flawless .. i mean,i just can’t find the words to describe this except : amazing . If there’s a mod that visibly adds improvement to your game,well this is it. Everyone should give this a shot,it’s worth it,makes long drives so much more fun to enjoy. Great work Stewen.Hope you will keep working and updating this,because it would be a shame to play this game without your mod. Best wishes !

    1. well lucian, is option MLAA HDR DOF sunshaft and color correction need to be apply or not? sory for bad english

  23. laurentiu824

    now i try it too and all i can say good job,the best to be honest,no FPS probleme,anything is clear and is how it shoud be good job again Stewen,and to people who is saying te traffic is loud you wrong guys,it’s not loud

  24. Female Trucker

    Hi Stewen.
    Thankyou once again for your quick response, I understand what you said and I do realise that you do work hard and give up your time for all of us to make these mods,I certainly appreciate people like you who give up their time like you do to help other’s.
    I have one Big Ask !! Please could you make the same Mod but without the engine sound as I don’t know how to Delete it like you said, as I am not very Computer Illiterate?
    Thanks again.

    1. You have to understand that Stewen doesnt make mods for the public.
      He spends months making these modifications.

      He created these mods for himself and decided to share his work.

      I understand now why he gets annoyed when people ask him to change stuff.


      Take this mod as it is

      or pay him to change his mod.


      1. I do not have to pay anything. I made defense without a password in order to convert all by itself.
        who do not like my version sounds simply delete “sound” directory and complete.
        Only factory default setting sounds.
        it is very simple, if someone is able to help this person in the family.
        every family is now living in One an system administrator.

  25. Hi Stewen
    this is a fantastic work what you make!!
    I have nothing problems,
    its a big differents on my eyes,
    and everythings extra!!around,
    thank you wurry mutch fore this big work!
    you kan not make it any right,
    thousend people have another idea……
    all the best for the future!
    sorry fore my broken english

  26. Stewen, can you tell me about what is maybe problem.. I drive in truck in the cabin and don’t hear the outside sound only truck engine sound. I drive later more and test if my problem is solved or not

    1. Outside sound I mean mainly AI traffic car sound like ssound if tuck or car pass of me and so on

      1. reasons:


        I lifted the parameters of the outer voices.


        interior_sound_volume: 0.51
        interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

        default game factory settings

        interior_sound_volume: 0.05
        interior_sound_pitch: 0.6

        1. ok thankyou

  27. SaTheLaTe

    Hello Stewen.

    Not only you made an extraordinary mod, its AMAZING, but honestly, people are complaining about the interior sound (ive read the whole list of comments, well, ive mixed it up with sound engine V10 (ask me for the link and ill gladly share) for 16 different air system pressure and hydraulic sound rotation, and ###, the calibration is PERFECT !!!

    you Spent a lot of time doing this mod, and i must admit that its beautifull, but one thing really surprise me : you still take your time to fully describe a problem and answer it : awesome 🙂

    Thanks, you give this mod to the comunity to enjoy,well now the community got to help you back a bit by contribuing in a different way 😉 :

    Female Trucker, if you still have an hard time figuring it out, ill try to help a bit to how to remove that file so your sound will be more like you desire 😉 just tell me if you still need help

    Once again Stewen, GREAT job with the inside sound !
    This mod is beautifull
    (Anyway to donate to you ? 😛 )

    1. Thank You.

      In response to the question.

      a whole forum users, truck drivers, designers, testers, work environment deserve the brutal 7.1 upshot not only mine.
      I tend to believe the test truck drivers than in critique anyone, whom not know who he is.
      if you hurt your leg, go to a doctor do not go to a next door to “joe”. 🙂
      along with many others and tried to do factory game and hope it succeeds.
      I know it is who loves vanilla factory colors, but already not the color of vanilla fashion, but kiwi.
      donate, no thank you. 🙂

      best regards

  28. Female Trucker

    Hi SaTheLaTe.

    Yes Please, I could do with someone guiding me through the process, I would be ever so grateful. 🙂

    1. Use total commander.

      please press enter button my engine.

      Move the cursor to the sound directory

      Press F8 button

      Press “YES”

      when finished there will be no sound directory

      Total Commander f10 button to close…

      and enjoy the quiet and original #### factory sounds.


    2. SaTheLaTe

      Hey Female Trucker

      Let me know if Stewen answer gave you a direction and your good to go, or if you still need help 🙂

      Take care 🙂

      1. I like to describe how to castrate my engine Brutal …

        1. SaTheLaTe

          *** correct location >>> *** Hahahaha Stewen !!! in fact, for me its too soft XD lollll so thats why i mix it with snowmen v13 engine sound ! Both your mod and hes merge together to give an absolute RAW bestial sound while still enjoying every sound around your mod give me ^_^

  29. Juan Salvo

    Buenisimo !!Stewens,
    como siempre ,pruevo en varios mapas
    actualmente lo e testeado en el nuevo mapa de Mario V7 y Super toll
    Gracias por compartir tan estupendo Mod

  30. do i need to check HDR and DOF in graphics option or not?

    1. Brutal envronment good graphics options:

  31. SaTheLaTe

    Hahahaha Stewen !!! in fact, for me its too soft XD lollll so thats why i mix it with snowmen v13 engine sound ! Both your mod and hes merge together to give an absolute RAW bestial sound while still enjoying every sound around your mod give me ^_^

  32. Hi Stewen, Well all i can say is Thank You ! this mod looks and sounds fantastic !!! best Brutal Extreme yet (and ive tried a few). Thanks for taking time to constantly update your mods. Looks stunning on my i5 quad core, Nvidia Geforce 750 GTX OC Storm.

    1. you welcome.

      The End development.

      Made in Hungary.

  33. remingtonh


    Your graphics and lighting are awesome!

    I have a request.

    Can you publish a version with no other changes to the game, only graphics? No AI traffic, no sound modifications, no used trucks. Just graphics.



    1. the development is completed.
      file is not closed and is not password protected.
      I do not like to delete.

  34. snake20082

    Great JOB!!! nakes me feel like im back on the road 🙂

  35. Great mod, really like it. On another note…is there any way to get back the messages when a driver finishes the job? A mod for it?

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