Brutal evironment HD + Sound engine GOLD + (Plus)


Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine GOLD + (Plus)


Brutal environment ONLY HD Engine Gold +!uRwxlTYQ!9adlhGPgyJ5M7yA47_O2uHoOGySVNeekMPNXE2X-w8s

Brutal environment ONLY SOUND Engine Gold +!3cICwbwA!jbxSpCnVDd3U3QRVWwN6DOR5CDwax63U856zd6_vnIE

External Volume Up for version ETS2 1.14.x patch.

Bonus Link:

No Damage version ETS2 1.14.x patch.

Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold + (Plus) version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

1: Faster FPS than of factory default game!
2: additional sound repairs.
3: Advanced options clouds.
4: Increased weather changes.
5: further changes skybox.
6: TSM additional textures expansion.
7: asphalt visual experience Improvement.
8: mirrors setting fixes, many new small additions.
9: running operation without “errors” and “warnings”
10: driving, listen 2.1 or 5.1 sound system, enjoy the game my Brutal HD + sound engines Gold + (Plus)!

This version yellow road lines.

If usage white road line:
delete material/road/ or rename material/road/ to and overwrite.

my lines version white:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

game use form.

Stewen, tagagaba53, and prohardver forum users & testers.

Stewen, tagagaba53, prohardver forum users & testers


43 Responses to Brutal evironment HD + Sound engine GOLD + (Plus)

  1. Jhon says:

    video pease ??

    • Stewen says:

      there is no need.
      too many brutal videos youtube my chanel 🙂

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. @Stewen. Will this version work with the Eastern Express maps, v4.0 & v3.6? I’ve tried using the previous version of Brutal environment HD + Sound engine GOLD yellow line version. Everything else in the mod worked except for the yellow lines.

    If there’s a workaround, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Adrian says:

    seriously dude, GOLD + :))) I want the Extended Platinum edition, jeez…

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, calling it ‘gold’ gave the impression he was done with it and there’d be no more upgrades. I would have been fine with continuing the numbering system. After all, SCS said they’re working on a new day/night cycle and I’m sure Stewen will want to upgrade his mod for that.

  4. stilo73 says:

    Thank you Stewen, always the best ever..

  5. randy says:

    other link?!?is it possible,im having difficolty with it

  6. aurel says:

    the best

  7. Stewen says:


  8. fenomenu75 says:

    excuse me so much! my error! now I solved it! Thanks for your patience!

  9. WillyB says:

    I’ll be happy to install it.
    Is it possible to run it with Promods 1.71?

  10. Dennis says:

    I don’t want wheels, gas station & extra truck parts mod, which files should I delete?

  11. wegger says:

    Brutal evironment HD + Sound engine GOLD + (Plus) White Road (1 file) where ???

  12. wegger says:

    Brutal evironment HD + Sound engine GOLD + (Plus) White Road (1 file) where ???

    1.19GB for yellow road, I want white road.

  13. Captain says:

    Greetings Stewen
    Thank you for great effort
    This mod become legend always coming up right on time update !!

  14. Sumerian_Demon says:

    man.. is there a way that zoom in eastern express works properly? i don´t know if i can change something in the gamedata.sii file?

    • Stewen says:

      my game_data.sii file (ZX-Brutal-Environment-Patch1.14-SOUND-EXT-VOLUME-UP.scs) use TSM map zoom parameters and many many other god settings.

  15. Peterbilt 389 says:

    Habe das neue Mod probiert, also ich muss sagen ist nicht das wahre. Das Rot ist zu rot das gruen ist zu gruen das blau ist zu blau alle KI Fahrzeuge haben beschriftete Reifen. Ist alles nicht sehr real, sieht fuer kurze zeit ja ganz gut aus aber mit der zeit tun die augen weh. Habe einig gute Motoren Sounds die sind auch weg. Damit ist dieser Mod fuer mich auch weg.

    • Stewen says:

      natürlich nicht wahr. Also der Name “Brutal”. die nicht brechen kann weg von der Realität zum Download real environment.

  16. eli tabi says:

    Do you recommend to use this mod with color correction on or off?
    thank you

    • Stewen says:

      Yes,, please setting color correction = OFF

      HDR and any settings = ON

  17. Human says:

    please add tetter download link, mega give me errors when download and dowmload progress is 77 then 75 and go up and while again decrease again and up so and on and so is download unknow time

  18. Martin says:

    man can you make colours on truck to by like in this mod: Real Enviroment Graphic & Sound Mod V4.5 for Patch 1.14.x

    Thank You !

    • Stewen says:

      please not my Topics defiles a “real environment mod” makes the computer’s fall to his knees.

  19. Martin says:

    Yes,, please setting color correction = OFF

    HDR and any settings = ON

    btw got it 😀

  20. Don says:

    I am sorry but I deleted your mod. I can’t get to work the white lines, and you are not really helpfull either with these advanced removing line stuff.

    Could you please next time just give another download for the white lines?

    • Stewen says:

      but I am very helpful.
      I described what to do.
      I am sorry for you that not you can do it delete file.
      recommended use another graphics engine not mine. :)))

    • eli tabi says:

      what is the problem?
      learn English and it will be easy…
      I will explain you

      Step 1) Delete this file – “material/road/”

      Step 2) Remove from – “material/road/” the “_w”
      so it will be called “” like in step 1.

      that’s it..

  21. DBB1984 says:

    Simply awesome job champ, as always my game went from laggy s*** to playable and beautifull.. please keep this up with updates and the new scandinavian dlc.

  22. Joe says:

    It doesn’t do anything on 1.14.x. I’ve downloaded the Sound mod only+the 1.14 patch and it doesn’t up the volume at all but when I switched back to 1.13.x and used it without the patch it definitely made a huge difference.

  23. haruka says:

    is it work with new patch 1.15.1?

    • Stewen says:

      not work,,, (warning lines game.log.txt) use 1.15 patch Brutal Environment Gold Premium.

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