Brutal HD Reworked Lite Edition

Brutal-1 Brutal-2 Brutal-3

This is reworked and lite edition of Brutal Engine HD by Stewen i just make some changes with included new things inside


-Removed yellow lines
-Removed loading pictures
-Removed all environment sounds
-Removed few other files
-Completely new flares
-Completely new skybox and weather textures (Thanks Piva)
-Removed all truck, trailer and company files
-New HDR
-Reduced size of mod


Put all on HIGH or ULTRA about color correction try with ON or OFF to see which is better for you

If authors wont this mod be here than please admins of this website to remove this mod. Thanks

Thanks to all authors Stewen, Piva

Authors: Stewen, Piva, BLiNKT


13 Responses to Brutal HD Reworked Lite Edition

  1. KiLLeR_Modding says:

    did you removed that 100 tons unrealistic trailers? if not, I am not gonna use this, but thanks

  2. KiLLeR_Modding says:

    do it also for ats please, because I use this graphic mod since ets2 was 1.8.x or something

  3. Drive Safely says:

    Thank you. Finally a Lite edition. 🙂

  4. carlos says:

    1.23 or 1.24?

  5. pakito101 says:


  6. thankU says:

    This is truly “environment” mod.
    original mod contains too much illegal and useless bullshit

  7. manmad says:

    For which version of game is this mod? for 1.23.xx or 1.24.xx?

  8. Theosz says:

    in my pc I have these messages.

    I tryied found out in other mods what use same name without success .

    00:00:58.987 : [unit] File ‘/unit/hookup/vehicle_orangelklein.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:58.987 : [unit] The unit name ‘flare.orangelklein’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘flare_vehicle’).
    00:00:58.988 : [unit] File ‘/unit/hookup/vehicle_parkl.sii’, line 5:
    00:00:58.988 : [unit] The unit ‘flare.vehicle.parkl’ of type ‘flare_vehicle’ has no attribute named ‘rot_speed’.

  9. leooooo says:


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