Build Your Own Rims v2!


This mod adds a set of archives that allow you to create your very own unique rim.

Mod contains a total of 22 archives that allow you to create your very own rim in the exact way that you want it.

To install this mod ingame in easy way archives have been divided into number classes:
-class 1 is the main file – it has to be enabled always – otherwise the rim will not appear at the store
-class 2 – axle hub is the middle part of the rim – you have 5 options for those but only 1 can be enabled at a time
-class 3 – bolts – screws that attache wheel to the axis – 4 options available – again – enable only 1
-class 4 and 5 inner/outer rim – 4 options available for each – enable 1 class 4 and 1 class 5
-class 6 ring – it’s the small ring between inner and outer rim – 4 options – enable 1

Tested on 1.17.x and 1.18.x

GT-Mike, 50keda


17 Responses to Build Your Own Rims v2!

  1. NH129 says:

    Ohhhhh I have been waiting so long, My prayers have been answered, THANK YOU!!!!

  2. SVENNE1362 says:

    This pack don’t work for me the rimms only show in the red color that shows if ETS can’t find a texture and the tyres dont show in store

  3. ASOUTH says:


  4. Marko says:

    same problem with tyres

  5. Sca says:

    tyres not work ):

  6. Faelandaea says:

    Those who are having issues – help the author out a bit here – what methods are you using to edit the files? (Blender2SCS? ZModeler?) What edits do you make to the DEF files and how are you applying the materials and textures you desire?

    I use Blender2SCS, edit each part and apply the materials and textures I need, and this works just fine for me.

    • UselessBanana says:

      i didnt edit them at all, and i still have issues

      • Faelandaea says:

        Haha I was just getting ready to comment on this mod and saw my prior comment. I was wondering why the comment didn;t appear on the mod I was commenting on.

        That was meant for an entirely different mod – unrelated. I haven’t activated this one yet but just downloaded it. Sorry if my reply made no sense for this mod – cause it didn’t belong on this one 🙂

  7. ASOUTH says:

    Anyway to solve the crash when selecting tyres my mate?

  8. Bill says:

    Thanks for this amazing mod. How can I choose white as a color on the wheels when the body of the truck is a different color? I know if I choose the “c” Version the color is blue only.

  9. townterrier says:

    thx for this…..tried it 1st time last night
    chrome hub n nuts, black rim with outer rim yellow and looks good….more playing to do with them though
    again many thanks

    • ASOUTH says:

      Hey man you work with it? What ver. are you using? Thanks!

  10. _Paapz0r says:

    i really need the color white 😡

  11. Henri says:

    Could you make it compatible with the Scania Rjl and version 1.23. That would be awesome!

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