Building Skins for Krone Dryliner

Skins for Krone Dryliner with some large buildings and details.

Included buildings

Burj khalifa
Guanghzou CTF Finance Center
Lottie Center
Ping An Finance Center
Royal Clock Tower
Shanghai Tower
Tianjin Tower
World Trade Center

tesetd on 1.36

Keep orignal link while sharing
dont reupload

SCS, F86597


4 thoughts on “Building Skins for Krone Dryliner

  1. Really nice job… is possible to make a skin for my company? i have it to another trailer…..but il will be nice to have krone trailer with my skin. If yes….how can i send you the details ?

    1. Glad to see here,
      why not. you can send me details through email. [email protected]

      1. Thank you very much ! Ok i will send you the details !

  2. Why Taipei101 city is beijing? that’s wrong!!!

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