Bull Bar + slot Scania RJL upgrade 1.40

Hello everyone, I leave you the update of my mod to 1.40, after your request I added a slot in the lower step, obviously for the functioning of the mod the Rjl mod is required.
game version 1.40

Scs, Rjl, Ciak


13 thoughts on “Bull Bar + slot Scania RJL upgrade 1.40

  1. Impossibile aprire il File.

    File corroto!

    1. Devi scaricarla e salvarla, se la apri ti da errore perché la bloccata.
      Se vuoi provarla mettila nella cartella mod e attivala.
      Io le mod bloccate non le uso solo x principio.

      1. okay ora provo… Grazie mille

  2. good evening, my mod does not work at all

  3. TheNuvolari

    Hey, what’s the acc_list of the painted bar? I would like to make it a different color than the truck itself.

  4. The thing I’ve always hated the most is these locked mods,
    I don’t understand what they want to prove.
    I want to remind the younger ones in the game that this mod is not new.
    The author GT-Mike, has already created this mod and other mods, and you can also find this in the forum: GTM RJL Cab Sidebars v 2.0

    1. TheNuvolari

      Does that mod still work? I thought it was merged into Remoled accessories but the sidebar doesn’t show up in my game for some reason.

      1. It doesn’t work anymore, GT-Myke hasn’t updated for a long time (always for the usual reasons) try to update it you think that with the right credits you could also share it, in the Remoled never seen it.
        I downloaded the latest version but there are no more colored lights
        I don’t use steam and can’t download IJ’smods mod too bad!
        sorry i wanted to ask you lately i always crash the game
        with NG Eugene and low deck sogard, when I select an accessory
        it crashes and I have no other mods for conflict.
        this is my order
        low deck.
        You are free not to answer and there is no problem.

        1. TheNuvolari

          ReMoled accessories is very very old now, hasn’t been updated since 1.27(?), some parts also work for me but some cause DX11 and other errors, last time I tried it the whole service station turned purple and the game crashed soon after selecting a specific part from the ReMoled pack.

          1. OK thanks, anyway I have the latest version ReMoled Next Gen V1.9 for 1.40 downloaded from the SCS forum.

  5. I cannot understand, why the Files are cryptid?
    There are a Lot of Modders, who had to buy the Program.
    And a Lot of Peoples, who knows how to crack. So it is senseless and
    very unpolished for the Users.

    1. But what I can say: Works perfect. 👍👍👍

      1. Which mod works? I was talking about GTM RJL Cab Sidebars v 2.0 to me it hasn’t worked for a long time
        I still have it in my mods I’ll try again,
        the one above (Bull Bar + Scania RJL slot) doesn’t interest me.

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