Bus Crashed Trailer


Authors: Blade1974, Kral


6 thoughts on “Bus Crashed Trailer

  1. it is replace any trailer?

  2. Version ? I don’t see in me version 1.1.1 ..

    1. Update your game to newest version 1.3.x then you see it

      1. Why is this still an issue even? Why do people hold on to the past? 1.3.x is the current version. You may rest assured the game will only go forward from there. It most certainly will not, no matter how much you resist, go back to 1.2.5 or lower.
        There is no excuse for having any version lower than current. No internet? Get it from a friend on a flash drive. Didn’t buy the game, you pirated it? Pirate the update. It’s out there. Stop complaining about an unsupported version.

        1. Freddy Jimmink


          Golook here and update Your game, wheter it is legal or illegal,


          Freddy Jimmink

  3. No wheels?

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