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4 thoughts on “BUS G7

  1. its must be a joke

  2. its funny but I thought they called this simulation
    game eurotruck sim 2 not euro bus sim 2 just what is the point

  3. From what i am gathering from other sites including scs I guess they will be adding busses with passenger pickup and unload at designated spots from the map. As to what I have been able to see from various downloads, people are at pickup points and disapear into the bus, then drive to destination and passangers show up again when unloaded just like cargo. The one i tried had an error with it, so no pickup. Purpose, you fire yourself from being a truck driver and become a bus driver in the same game. See it at http://blog.scssoft.com/ goto go and try a new bus.

  4. brian antuna youtuber


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