BUS “Scania Jumbus 340”


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BUS Scania Jumbus 340

A large package of colorings of the bus and not much tuning.
Its animation of the driver’s cab.
The company mod-makers Brazil & Portugal.

Test version 1.18

SCS, Portugal mod manufacturers by Fabian Espinoza .



7 thoughts on “BUS “Scania Jumbus 340”

  1. excellent bus very very thanks for the makers of bus,,, but please can u make indian truck or indian map or indian bus all the indian fans eager to see indian trucks or buses or maps

  2. ETS2TheGame

    Nice mod! Good interior!

    My video HD:

  3. the_driver

    VIDEO Scania Jumbus 340

  4. Excellent bus! Thank you for sharing. Normally I don’t drive trucks in this game (or real life) and I tried a few buses mods, but your mod it’s the first bus mod which I like to have it in my garage and also drive it, because it’s the first bus mod without any error in log file and also low poly (no fps decreased by using it)! It has an excellent interior and exterior, with many skins for it. Also, it has excellent wipers (they really work on stormy rain), which you’ll won’t find it in many other non-truck mods! Very stable bus and also I reached 150 km /h, but progressive, like a real bus (I suppose, because I never drove a bus in real life). Works very good in 1.18! I haven’t tested yet the passengers mod for this bus, but, theoretically, should work.
    So, congratulations man for this wonderful mod!
    Once again, thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work!

  5. The link is not opening

  6. this mod is not opening for me because it is a RAR file

  7. Can you make new version for 1.21? 🙂

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