Bus Setra Top 517 HDH 2021 Top Class v1.3

Features Bus Setra Top 517 HDH 2021:
– independent bus model
– High quality 3D model
– High quality detailed exterior
– High quality detailed interior
– the model has own interior
– the model has own sound
– the model has own wheels
– passangers seats
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– the choice of engine power
– the choice of transmission and gearbox
– the choice of wheels configuration
– choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
– choice of design elements
– correct position of the Setra logo
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
– The correct position of the player
– the correct position of the passengers in the bus
– There are external tuning
– Supports all major functions of the game
– Support for Passengers Mod
– buy from Acces Mod dealer

Changes in v1.3:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48



8 thoughts on “Bus Setra Top 517 HDH 2021 Top Class v1.3

  1. This is for 1.43 only

    1. you need to change version in file manifest si

  2. Mod is still in version 1.43

  3. please fix this little screen wich shows speed fuel left etc. if you fix this mod will be fire

  4. also i dont know why but this mod a little bit crushes game cause every writing has disapeared

  5. romanianuser

    please make a VDL Bova from 2005 i will get on my knees

  6. The version is 1.43 please fix

  7. after running the manifest.sii file the mod is loaded but all the game writing disappears and if you try to customize the bus the game crashes. Maybe it would be good to test before posting the mods.

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