Bus Terminal Passenger Mod

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Passenger Mod for Bus and Minibus.

Select suited ghost trailer for your vehicle and ready to go.

Compitable for original SCS map. You can also activate terminals with using addons for official map DLC’s.

– You can watch the video on my YouTube channel to get the idea.

– Replaces all the bus stops and terminals as Bus Company. You can always find a job.

– Use Cargo Market for taking jobs.

– Sound ambient added for all terminals.

– 10 different ghost trailer ready in trailer dealer for different buses.

– Try different trailers for another buses. We can always make fixes for buses which is not suited for any trailer.

Compatible for: 1.33.x

I don’t know how to add multiple download links in here so you can find addons on my video description.



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31 thoughts on “Bus Terminal Passenger Mod

  1. AnotherGermanFool

    hey, great mod! But i use Promods, so, i cant use your mod….do you think there is a chance to get this mod work with promods somehow…thank you in advance….oh, and im sry for this ###### english….

    1. I want to make an addon for promods but there are no terminals. They’ve removed terminals so making that is a hard work.

      1. It’s good to see a passenger mod receive updates, the last one I used stopped working in version 1.31, but two things “bother me” in this mod:

        1. All passengers weigh “0 tons” – why so thin? it would be interesting to have 2, 3 or 5 tons per passenger group.

        2. The passengers are landed on the side of the bus terminal, not on the “platform”, as on boarding passengers, this is a bit strange.

        Mod that I mentioned above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgkk53h_YWg


  2. Nice work! Thanks. But there seems to be one problem: the internal mirrors (F2) aren’t working, independent if using the in game mirrors or additionals (like your miniHUDmirror mod)

    1. I can use F2 mirrors. May another mod causes that.

      1. I apologize, found the ‘bad boy’. It was the skin mod from Setra 519 HDH Arac.
        All is fine now!

  3. AnotherGermanFool


  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. PLEASE make this for ProMod Map … Looks great !!
    It is boring to drive only with trucks 🙂 😉 🙂 *LOL*

    1. Since there are no any terminals in promods it’s hard to make but i want to try.

  6. deTbiT

    You only have the Base 1.3 file and the other files
    Sorry for my English

    1. You can find other files in my video description. I don’t know how to add another links into one subject on this site.

      1. Thanks, a hug here from Brazil

  7. no passangers to the bus stop… Dont work.
    1.33 version my game

    1. Hello.
      Same here. I’m on 1.33 using unmodified vanilla map and nothing is showing up. No bus company on the map nor passengers at bus stops as well as no “passenger cargo” in the trailer list.

  8. Which buses compatible? Marcopolo g7 is dont work

  9. can you add all addons in one or two pack files

  10. Kenan Pljakic


  11. I can’t see the passengers. Pls help me!

  12. Fake no passenger but this mod is very large size ###!

  13. Hello, you said there is no terminal in promod, but i saw a lot in Spain. hope you can update this mod for 1.34 with promod compatible 😀

    Very great mod, thanks you a lot it’s very fun to play ^^

    gg 😀

  14. Great work ^^

  15. Fa'iz Aditya

    Can i place this mod in ETS 1.34 ?

  16. o8119522huan

    the mod really did a great job!
    i like it very much and enjoy it!
    but there is a small problem, when i choose the Refrigerated Double Trailer in the trailer manager, the game will crash, i hope to improve this problem, thx!

  17. vers 1.36¡?

  18. Janik Philipp

    das ist das beste

  19. This doesn’t work for me.. #Game crash

  20. Hi! Can you update this mod Please for 1.38 and up?

  21. any one who have got passengers mod for euro truck simulator2 version 1.25. 2.5 please help me

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