Bus Traffic Pack by FPS Reedit Ryzen v2.7

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

Alhamdulillah, on this occasion I have kept my promise to update to v2.7 by FPS

This mod does not change any form of the original mod, it only changes livery and alpha traffic

This mod has skin on traffic:
A. Jetbus 3 AS:
1. Po.Agam Tungga Jaya Erlangga, Base Skin from BUSSID
2. Po.Agam Tungga Jaya Callan, Base Skin from BUSSID
3. Po.Garuda Mas, Base Skin from BUSSID
4. Po.Haryanto Paradise Reborn 065.Base Skin from the SHD Ojepeje mod
5. Po.Kupu Kupu Ayu Sapphire Admiral. Base Skin from Ojepeje SHD mod
6. Po.Sudiro Tungga Jaya Bavikha, Base Skin from SHD Ojepeje mod
7. Po.Sudiro Tungga Jaya Mogha, Base Skin from SHD Ojepeje mod
B. All New Legacy by BSW
1. Po.Agra Mas,
2. Po.Sinar Jaya
3. Po. Sindoro Satriamas “SNIPER”
C. Avante by Atarik
1. Po. Harapan Jaya
2. Po. Pandawa 87
D. Discovery by M.Annas
1. Po. Sinar Jaya
2. Po. Harapan Jaya
E. Jetbus 2+ HDD by FPS
*no changes
F. Jetbus HD by FPS
1. Po.Harapan Jaya
2. Po.Haryanto New Tatto 505 “026”
* There are no changes because there is no template
H.Rexus by Bagus Budi
1. Po. Bejeu
2. Po. Gunung Harta
3. Po. Haryanto “Intan Pari”
I.Scorpion X by BSW
1. Po. Harapan Jaya
2. Po. Maju Lancar
3. Po. Scorpion Holiday 721 “Narashansha”
J.Skyliner by LHA
1. Po. Gunung Harta
2. Po. Zaffina Queenalesha “Baby Monster”
3. Po. Sinar Jaya
K. Legacy SR2 XHD by FPS
1. Po. Harapan Jaya
2. Po. Sinar Jaya “Suites Class”
3. Po. Sudiro Tungga Jaya Orange
L. Evonext GT
* There are no changes because there is no template

That’s all from my mod
If this mod is useful for you, you can appreciate my work with donations via credit:
089530444867 (Tri Credit) “Maximum of IDR 10,000”

If an error occurs, please contact DM via Instagram: @ ardan.9012

FB: Btr Pelo

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

FPS and Ryzen


4 thoughts on “Bus Traffic Pack by FPS Reedit Ryzen v2.7

  1. dont download this mod, it disable the base car and bus ai and change it into low quality indonesian bus

    1. don’t be like that bro, respect someone’s work even if it’s ugly

      1. you are right, work must be respected, but if what Bod said it’s true, that your mod will replace the default traffic with lower quality models, he is right to mention it since you did not do it in your description.
        a mod has to be transparent in description and say the important changes at least, and if there is enough space in the description you can add optionally the donation link too 😉

        1. i strongly suggest using the original version since it doesn’t disable the deafult car AI, however the storage need to be renamed into “traffic_storage_bus.fps.sii” because the bus behave like a car . It was made for 1.30. I tested it in 1.36.

          ORIGINAL by fps link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/id2vzxtb9wgpmoo/traffic_2.7_fps.rar/file .

          Sorry but indonesian is to maniac about bus so most traffic request always ask for more bus and no trucks/ car

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