Busbygg Euromax Hartman edit be JTV_78

busbygg-euromax-1 busbygg-euromax-2 busbygg-euromax-3

Busbygg euromax trailer,
trailer is not mine I only made the wheels and the skin.
Tested:1.26xx work on older versions to
Respect the link.
If you want to upload it tho other sites email me :
[email protected] , or contact me on

Atilla Bornemissza,BadKarma Custom, Jesper Krone Torp,Jtv_78


7 thoughts on “Busbygg Euromax Hartman edit be JTV_78

  1. Wow Awesome dude!!! Any info on the truck?

    1. Hi Robin it is a edited Scania rjl so, if you want to contact me just send me a message on facebook:https://m.facebook.com/Fieldhouse-garage-1283976075008961/

    2. Jonasterv

      I think its private

  2. Oh I know It’s an RJL edit. I recognise some sellfy Stuff on there. I’m mostly interested in the interior.

    1. I only bought the parloks from a friend

  3. Very nice trailer!

  4. richard1971

    I love the ‘Flipje’ and the ‘holland truck duck’ , i’ve been looking for those 2 for a long time, can u please give me a download link for those 2 items?

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