Busscar El Buss 340 v2.0


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>>>Busscar El Buss 340 MB OF-1722 V2.0<<< Changelog v1.0 -> 2.0
> New Skins;
> More engines;
> Updated interior;
> Added metallic paint;
> Own sound;
> New animations (wiper working outside camera & new steering wheel);
> Adapted for v 1.23.x

Find in Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Full credits:
Model by: Ronald Cruz
Edition, animations & adaption into ETS2: Fabian Espinoza
Sounds by: Aroldo Junior
Skins by: Ronald Cruz, Fabian Espinoza, Paulo Marcos, Aroldo Junior, Busólogo EC, Gustavo Lozano Mantilla, Andres Tiva.

Mod was tested on 1.22.x & 1.23.x. But it MAY WORK on 1.24

Ronald Cruz, Fabian Espinoza, Aroldo Jr.


3 Responses to Busscar El Buss 340 v2.0

  1. Aaron says:


  2. zy says:

    how to edit the skin?

  3. Kenseth says:

    can u please make it for 1.27.

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