Busscar Elegance 360 [Best Bus Mod]

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Busscar Elegance 360

[ETS2 v1.27] Busscar Elegance 360 [Best Bus Mod]

– Available at the dealership Scania
– Over 50 skins of Brazilian companies
– 3 types of chassis
– 8 types of engines
– 4 types of transmissions
– 2 type of interior
– Tested in version 1.24.x,1.25x,1.26x,1.27x

Maxagent ,Erisson Borge and Mr.Trucker


7 thoughts on “Busscar Elegance 360 [Best Bus Mod]

  1. Please update in 1.28!!!!

  2. Mr.Trucker

    Full HD Complete test video-https://youtu.be/ARLJ5E097Fk

  3. Rudolf Gritsch

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  4. What’s+the+password+of+encrypted+file?????

  5. What’s the password of the encrypted file???

  6. can u make scania metrolink bus mod

  7. Lucky you

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