Busscar Panorámico DD 6×2 (2007)


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– Find in Scania Dealer
– Fixed Bugs
– 5 Different Radarten
– Many Different mounting options
– Realistic movements guarantee genuine driver feeling
– Tested on 1.22.x versions

Authors: Linux, Megaking & Jozz


6 thoughts on “Busscar Panorámico DD 6×2 (2007)

  1. 1.23 too ?

  2. It was this top job, my congratulations, a little doubt can by Brazil Company skin such as itapemirim, n.sra.penha, comet etc ….

  3. Military_Pig

    мод полное дерьмо!!!

  4. Am i doing something wrong because I put the two things in the mod folder, run the game. A picture of the bus appears in the loading screen but the bus does not appear in any of the companies shops. Is there a specific shop required to go to .

    1. try another scania dealer.. dont know how to explain to u..i had this kinda problem with some other mods..

  5. I can’t pass through the toll pike 🙁 its imposible.

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