Busscar Vissta Bus 1999 4×2

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This mod adds to ETS2 the classical Brazilian Busscar Vissta Bus MB O400 RSE 4×2, by Direção Virtual.
The bus has:
> 29 skins from Brazilian companies;
> Chassi 4×2 – Mercedes-Benz O400 RSE;
> 2 realistic engines;
> 2 realistic transmissions (ZF S6 1550 – 6 speed);
> Own interior;
> Metallic painting & skin edit;
> Few accessories;
> Own sound.

Now this bus mod is fully working in v1.32 of the game, so enjoy it! Buy in Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Full credits:
Model: Impera Mods;
Editions & accessories: David Caetano, André Magioni;
Engines & transmissions: Rafael Rodrigues;
Conversion for ETS2: Carlos Delgado;
Skins: João Zorzanelli, Tiago Baldam, Cyrax Fox, David Caetano, Ruan Silva e André Magioni.

Tested only on v1.32 of the game, PLEASE KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!

Direção Virtual



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6 thoughts on “Busscar Vissta Bus 1999 4×2

  1. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video here youtu.be/i6LHa_L8Tik … Nice coach 😀

  3. Nice mod but deleted because I don’t care for your loading screen in my face

  4. Nice mod but deleted because I don’t want to see your loading screen constantly.

  5. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – BUSSCAR Vista 1999 – OTOBÜS Mod [1.32]

  6. very good mod, but come on, your mod in the screen load? remove it and it will be the best mod

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