C.H Map (Chung Hwa map) add-on for ETS2 1.31

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map need
DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia

Credit list detail and Terms of Use in mod description or in my blog.

This map make road routes in China, Taiwan ,Hongkong…

Map still in test, have any suggestion, you can post on my blog page.

New : Remake City Lhasa.



6 Responses to C.H Map (Chung Hwa map) add-on for ETS2 1.31

  1. kucci says:

    Works well with PM, RM, SR, YKS, ROe.

    • nick says:

      hi kucci can you please tell me what order the map goes in game thankyou

      • kucci says:

        -other mods-
        PM Addon – Emden (v1.02b)
        C.H Mod def
        C.H Mod AI def
        C.H Mod UI
        C.H Mod
        C.H Mod
        C.H Mod
        C.H mod Map
        PM 2.27 + RM 1.8 Road Connection
        Poland Rebuilding – Fix 1
        Poland Rebuilding – Def
        Poland Rebuilding – Map
        Poland Rebuilding – Media
        Poland Rebuilding – Models
        Poland Rebuilding – Assets
        Paris Rebuild 2.3
        PM 2.27 + YKS + ROEX1.6 Connection
        ROEX 1.6 + SR Ferry Connection
        ROEX 1.6 prefab fix
        1.REdefPM 1.6
        2.REmapPM 1.6
        3.REmodel1PM 1.6
        4.REmodel2PM 1.6
        5.REprefabPM 1.6
        Promods Def
        Promods Map
        Promods Models 1
        Promods Models 2
        Promods Models 3
        Promods Assets
        Promods Media
        RusMap Def
        RusMap Map
        RusMap Model
        RusMap Model 2
        SR Def and Map
        SR Model 1
        SR Model 2
        SR Model 3
        RK Map Great Steppe Def
        RK Map Great Steppe Model
        RK Map Great Steppe Map
        YKS EU Turkey Map
        YKS EU Turkey Map
        YKS EU Turkey Map
        YKS EU Turkey Map

  2. nick says:

    hi kucci can i just ask please what order the map goes in in your mod folder thankyou

  3. BigJhon says:

    Hello Kucci!
    Thanks for order! đŸ˜‰

  4. Ahmad says:


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