Cab light


richard c thanks to joggi for the light mod


19 thoughts on “Cab light

  1. Why only O button? if i have beacon installed it will work also right? well, i dont need it in this way )) Maybe another way for cabin light? Cause i waiting for the mod like this long time.

    1. cornishlad

      Confused with the o button. If I choose to put on my beacons I do not want my cab lights to come on and vise versa

  2. DOnt work ? no light with O button …

    1. It only works with Scania’s for me only, not volvos or mercs and overs 😉

  3. skinners of europe

    use the key were ever you would use the beacon (flashing light) or look at the keyboard settings were the button is for the beacon

  4. skinners of europe

    beacon still works

  5. awww it only works in Scania trucks tried in other truck and nothing oh well i still like that brand better than all others so it ok to keep

  6. work with

    1. skinners of europe


  7. Kamiondzija :D

    Don’t work…In scania…??..Why…beacon work but mod doesn’t…!! ( Game verson 1.3.0s )..?? Or this work only in ??

    1. I have 1.5 and it still works 🙂

  8. DanishTrucker

    Hey, Very nice mod, but can you make it with red and normal light on o and i?

  9. Its not working for me and I have

  10. stefan1294

    How do you install the mod? I moved the .scs file to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod, but it doesn’t work unless I extract all files to the mod folder that are in the .scs file.. I think it’s not supposed to be like that.

  11. dont work on 1.3.0

  12. A ETS2 Player From Asia

    Nah my game version is 1.3.1 but still doesn’t work.
    Does Someone same as me?

  13. Great Mod unfortunately it only works up to a point with night coming on and when it gets real dark it goes out and once in a while just flashes off and on.
    Have know idea why this works 100% with low light but does not when it is really black out.

  14. Could you maybe, make it in RED please?!

  15. does it work for 1.3.1

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