Caçamba Guerra Multiplayer

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Base: SCS Software
Cacamba: Peças Blender ETS2
Solution: Forerunner Mods
Adaptation: TruckersPTY | Carlos Eduardo
Date: 04/30/2018
Version: 1.0

Names assigned by TruckersPTY for MOD furlings.

File to decrypt game.sii

Works for the multiplayer, use only with the flat_bet platform

Details on Readme

Forerruner, Pecas Blender, SCS Software, TruckersPTY, Carlos Eduardo


11 thoughts on “Caçamba Guerra Multiplayer

  1. Very beautiful <3

  2. oneboy0519

    how does it work?
    please answer

    1. ceduardopty

      They must take a load with platform. They save the game and replace the load line by which the Readme file indicates

  3. Very nice mod ?

    1. iTzSplashed

      hi bro :DD (iTzSplashed aka. pizza driver) ^^

  4. dani banu

    daf mod?

  5. how install?

  6. Aqui no Brasil tem muitos trailer desse,carrega muito soja.

  7. Adrian 22

    gracias Carlos por brindarnos esto amigo

  8. Alisson Costa

    Nao Consegui Jogar Com ela </3

  9. Alguem baixou e tem o mod ainda ?????

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