Cadillac Escalade Premium

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BUY IN Renault
– animations
– interior
– skins
– wheels
– tuning


If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me

Azorax Modding, Leafeongold


15 thoughts on “Cadillac Escalade Premium

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Jonasch12

    We need a Volvo 240

  3. funziona+anche+in+versione+1.26

  4. The km account is miles / h, can not find one with km?

    1. GRMModding

      it is KM/H it is not MPH

      1. To be km / h had to dial up to 220km and there only mark up to 160 which is what marks us the km of MPH…

        1. GRMModding

          Well thats how the texture fits there is no room for extra speed

  5. dear GRM, I appreciate your work and occasionally I like to drive a car instead of a truck. I have however one important remark for your cars and I hope you will take it as an advise rather than a criticism.
    the engines are too strong, it’s very unreal to arrive so fast to 100 km/h and have serious difficulties to control the car. I believe that with less power you could also gain some stability.
    I will also mention that the inside mirror could show a back view instead of the chairs. overall the image quality from the mirrors could be improved.
    with these improvements your cars would be perfect!
    thank for your work and for sharing it to us!

  6. BanditGamingHD

    works fine on dlc vive la france

  7. Can you make it for American Truck Simulator please?

  8. мод хороший но не для етс 2

  9. Make one for 1.26 version. Look very cool

    1. GRMModding

      i always do for latest version

  10. PRO :d

  11. raph13105

    Salut il consomme beaucoup trop. Il faut réduire sa consommation de carburant sil vous plait

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