Canada map 0.1.8

1.30 town has been added, you need all the dlc

ivan mykyta


5 thoughts on “Canada map 0.1.8

  1. Bhagwant Singh


    1. To make a map NOW using only the materials ETS2 had when was launched 100 years ago it’s ###### and very hard. The DLC are needed for the new materials they bring, to have diversified cities, roads, buildings. You put the problem wrong: the mappers shouldt lower their map quality just because you dont have money to buy the new stuff. Go play LEGO.

      1. Anderson Macg

        ###### and very difficult?
        No, it’s simple the modder just has to bring to the base of your map the files that are in the DLCs making a map with quality and with the files necessary for a functioning for both users with or without DLC, so users will not necessarily need have the DLCs.

        1. You dont have a clue about you are talking about. To import materials from DLC it’s a complicated process, you need to rename it, to redefine it in sii files, to edit almost everything. And for what? The materials are already in the game. Most materials used in maps today are from Scandinavia and France. If i use a bench from France DLC in the map, you will have to install France DLC to play that map. For this reasons DLC are needed, not just “because”. Again, to play basic ETS2 in 2018 it’s your choice, but dont ask modders to get down at your level when a DLC it’s pretty easy to get.

  2. ivanmykyta11

    Here models are used, France, Scandinavia, east, except Italy,map is not over yet, there is simply no time for this hobby

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