Canada Map v 0.1.6

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small edits, adaptation to version 1.30

ivan mykyta


12 thoughts on “Canada Map v 0.1.6

  1. Automobile Freak YT

    all dlc?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      yes you need all dLc

  2. is it for new profile or is it addon

    1. ivanmykyta11

      this is addon

  3. foobar786

    Well, some information would be useful. the vid can’t give me these, cause I dont understand the language spoken. so I didnt care.

    1. ivanmykyta11

      this map is an addition to at 1.30 a small location at the moment, who like the variety in the game is for them

  4. ivanmykyta11

    You can get from Europe from the port of calais

    1. does it work with the new promods and the rus map

      1. ivanmykyta11

        must work

  5. lordmodets2

    just so I understand, the guy leaves from Europe by truck to deliver a cargo in Canada! by truck ! I think it would make more sense if it was for the ATS, right ?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      simply platform ETS2 is more diverse for mapping

  6. Can you show the map?

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