Canada Map v 0.2.1 [1.32]

map updated for v 1.32 ,minor fixes and improvements

ivan mykyta


8 thoughts on “Canada Map v 0.2.1 [1.32]

  1. RiflerGamer

    Not work. Game crashed

    1. ivanmykyta11

      you must have a scandinavia dlc france italy

  2. Melafdifi

    Game crashed Mate

  3. Melafdifi

    have scandinavia dlc france italy = 3 mnts Game crashed

  4. ivanmykyta11

    may be dlc krone gives this, crash

  5. Mate, instead of releasing these kind of pieces, you should better talk with the guys that are working for CanaDream map for American Truck Simulator. They surely need help since they are few and the quality of the map has a lot to improve. We don’t need Canada map in ETS2, but we surely need Canada in ATS!

  6. Hello
    works but too much dirt road and too much time and not enough vendor forced to cut the simulation of fatigue otherwise not enough hotel and not detailed enough on the cities trees fences etc ….
    may be a good but still good job
    thank you

  7. ivanmykyta11 For those who did not work the map 1.32, replace the def file, I apologize to all who could not use the mod because of the error

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