Canadian Police trailers beta v2


Author: playstationmanrocks

The whole point of this mod is to provide trailers with Canadian
police skins in the game

Whats in the mod:
New skins for the trailers
New skin Old Skin

Ottawa Stokes
Ottawa 2 Bcp
Toronto wgcc
CBSA Eurogooddies
OC Transpo Transient
Undercover Empty

Whats to come:
The Full Trailer Pack
The Full Trailer Pack with Truck Pack
and Hopefull Real Police Cars

Head of Operations, Communications, File and Site Management


6 thoughts on “Canadian Police trailers beta v2

  1. Spūrgoms vežti čia spdv :DD

  2. I’ve seen my fair share of completely unnecessary mods but this is pretty high on the list.

    Stick to GTA 4 for police mods.

    This is a truck simulator. Create some good canadian trucking companies skins like Robert Transport, SGT, there’s many to choose from.

    1. playstationmanrocks

      #### you figured it out
      Yes that is what i am planing on doing next you can check out my beta here

  3. CanadaEhN

    How much for the shipment if I get the confiscated BC bud to NY?

    1. playstationmanrocks


  4. officer congdon

    hey how come when I download it it takes me to a mediafire that says wallmart mod

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