Car trailer pack #4 by VGSKINS


Standalone trailers!
Companies: Opel, Pagani, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo

If you love my skins, please lik my facebook page (more skins available here)



14 Responses to Car trailer pack #4 by VGSKINS

  1. don says:

    whats the password for the mods

  2. szetland2015 says:

    PASSWORD: vgskins

  3. Human says:

    please make 4 in 1 scs mod file please and add manifest file same

  4. jonathan says:

    Whats the password for the four mod packs

  5. szetland2015 says:


    PASSWORD: vgskins

  6. VGSKINS says:

    uhh sry, password : vgskins

  7. Human says:

    author please make one i all yours skin mods

  8. EneaMaconi says:

    Can you make a trailer for SAAB CARS?

  9. VGSKINS says:

    check my facebook page, saab available, but do not upladed to
    60 car trailers available here.

  10. KIA-FAn2109 says:

    What is the password i cant find on fb

  11. wadgt says:

    wtf? Jazzycat the best.

  12. tomucho77 says:

    Could you spend your mods trailers in one file?

  13. VGSKINS says:

    trailers reuploaded in a bigger pack. available in here ( and my facebook page)

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