Car Transporter [ETS2] 1.38 – 1.39

Simply put this into your ETS 2 Mod Folder and buy the trailer and then start trucking around your cars.



5 thoughts on “Car Transporter [ETS2] 1.38 – 1.39

  1. Did not work for me . not compatible with 1.39. please fix .

  2. Timo Hinterlang

    this mod is incompatible for ETS 2 Version 1.39

  3. Working on 1.39 but crashes when changing color and not the correct cargo.

  4. works fine in game yes drivers takes cargo but please need cars only nit other type cargo

  5. Big Bad Berray

    It works fine for me in every way i only wish that it was more loads with getting cars.

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