Cargo Line trailer

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  1. mrTrucker says:

    Doesn’t show ingame for me, even though I started a new profile, and it kills my game every couple of minutes..
    It’s a shame, because it’s a nice trailer..

  2. 2x2 says:

    There is not generate a plates on this trailer. Only G-VG 110 (Germany)

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      2×2, where and what does not generate a plate?
      Sorry, but I do not understand what you say.

      Are you using Google translate?
      That sometimes translate things so it become something else than what you try to say. I was for example told to have sex with a trailer before I installed it in the game when I tried to translate a russian mod(a language I do not understan anything of).

  3. 2x2 says:

    sorry for my English )). A plate like this It not generated for any country. But I deleted this trailer because when I remove it from …Euro Truck Simulator 2\Mod\ my profile has broken and game has crashed. Very bad, it was my 1st truck 🙁

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      No problem, now I see what you mean. But I can not be to any help for you. Sometimes it help to find the same mod on another site and download it from there. It has happen sometimes that downloads here do not work and other sites have another link which work.

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