Cargo pack by Maximka.L v4.0


This pack adds 119 Trailers
Enabled in traffic
For versions 1.18.x
All trailers are standalone

Version 4.0
– Added 17 new Trailers



8 Responses to Cargo pack by Maximka.L v4.0

  1. mkettu31 says:

    do yuo have trailer loaded with forklifts in this pack? if not then i kindly ask that yolu pleasse add one with trademark orange and gray Toyota forklifts

  2. mkettu31 says:

    yes, thats correct one… and if i may also ask you to skin this to a box trailer

  3. vitalja says:

    regular pack of trailers which can be thrown into the trash. the authors of the trailers in the folder vehicle/trailer_eu/ should be propiano …lod_01.pmd, …lod_02.pmd if these words no your pack trailers can be discarded. from far away can not see the wheels on the trailers

  4. George says:

    This is a great package, although I have one issue with it. Half of the trailers are in English, while half are in Russian. Let me know if you’d like me to help you with translating the trailers in English, regards.

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