Cargo Pack for Real Shipping Container Companies by Satyanwesi 1.38 1.37*

Hello friends,
This is a container cargo pack mod for ETS 2.
This pack includes cargo container of top 15 real shipping companies all around the globe.
There are 3 types of container.

Types are listed below:

**40ft containers are (20 tons)
APM Maersk
Yang Ming

**20ft double containers are (12-16 tons)
APM Maersk+ 20ft single
Hamburg Sud
P&O NedLloyd

Unique Features:
**Rusty, dented, scratchy textures on all modded containers.
**Weight Chart is added to the back of containers.
**Several trailer signs and real like container serial number also added.
** All DLC maps are supported.
** And Much more.

>>Note: If some container look blank that you want to take as a job then visit the company click the gear icon in the thumbnail and choose appropriate container.

Tested on 1.37 support 1.38
Please Do Not Re-upload.

If you like my work and want to help by donating
here is my paypal:

Thank you.

Author: Satyanwesi


31 thoughts on “Cargo Pack for Real Shipping Container Companies by Satyanwesi 1.38 1.37*

  1. What does it mean to write Please Do Not Re-upload,
    Skins already edited by other authors (no news).

    1. Satyanwesi

      what do you mean? This is not a theft mod.

  2. I didn’t say you stole the skins

  3. Matt_07ita

    L’hanno gia fatto altri autori e hai scritto il mio stesso titolo!!!

    1. Why you call him Thief? And why in Italian and not in English?

      “Other authors have already done it and you wrote my own title !!!
      To call somebody “Thief” is not very nice without a Proof ! 😒

      All the Skins/Images are free for everybody to make a Mod.
      We made since 2014 Mods and Skins and a Lot of other Authors
      made copies or stealing complete Mods. And? 😒
      What you will do against that?

      1. Satyanwesi

        JoachimK Thanks for your support when most of the people thinks it is a stolen mod. I assure you all, this not a stolen mod. Because the texture files for the modded containers I have created on my own. Every detail, Container Tracking serial number, Tare weight chart data and warning sign on the container you will find nowhere I bet you all those who are calling me thief. Just check it out.. And for your kind information I want to tell you all there is a bug with the fragility what I am gonna fix as soon as possible. Thank You

        1. JoachimK I have not given you any support, he was referring to Matt_07ita, perhaps you have not read correctly read better.
          However, it is very incorrect to create skins already created by other authors.

          1. Satyanwesi

            Zoso , look man. The name and the logos of the companies and containers is a constant thing. Everyone can create a trailer with same company logo. But that doesn’t mean it is copied from other mod. Just extract my mod and look carefully into definition files and .tobj files also. You will find no duplicity. And I have uploaded this mod to scs forum also. Nobody expressed any objection. Even Arnook the master of skin didn’t put any copyright issue. Just check that out on scs forum.

          2. I read very well all comments and I think about them.
            And if you say, not to make the same skins as other Modders, so you have it to say to a Lot of real Modders with a “big name” in the Community.
            I never support somebody, because he is German as me, for a Reply with good Critic the Nationality does not count.

            AND I reply in the Language of the Site, so that everybody can follow. But here it is not Standard.
            Otherwise, I use the Google-Translator… 😉

            If we want to make tomorrow a Pack with Container skins, it’s the User to decide, if he will download or not.
            And if they still exist, we will not cry. 🤣

        2. Friend, I don’t really share my skins but I’ve always avoided loading skins already edited by other friends, on this forum there are an avalanche of these skins.
          You are good and creating skins wouldn’t it be better to create novelties?
          for my part closed discussion (I have nothing towards you)

      2. Ciao JoachimK the comments were not for you, I just replied Satyanwesi, you know well that for many years I have been writing these things and I think you agree with my ideas, I don’t look at nationality if you want you can read what I wrote to my Italian friend:

    2. Ciao Matt_07ita mi dispiace, l’altra volta forse hai pensato c’è l’avessi con te non è così questa è la prova quello che penso lo scritto anche a lui.
      CiaoZ amico Mio.

  4. Matt_07ita

    L’hanno già fatto altri autori e non è corretto

  5. hello you can make a container of wonterspan 20ft is okay can you put a daf on low loader skin sa comes bois

  6. maheshmartino

    i need your help
    add me fb mahesh martino
    wtsp +60143175812
    ipay for you some money i need truck paint & traler pait dlc or mode

  7. Sajnos még mindíg nem életszerű a konténerek magassága! A 40HC konténer magasabb valamivel mint a sima! Szép munka de idomtalan sajnos! Valaki nézzen már meg egy konténeres nyergest ,hogy is néz ki! Ajánlom a Mahartot a Bilk vagy a Metrans terminált! De Csepel is tele van nyrgessel és légyszi valaki nyújcsa már meg egy picit a dobozokat,hogy életszerűen nézzen már ki ez a frankó kis mod!

  8. Satyanwesi

    LCsináltam a mod studio 2-rel. És felhasználta előre meghatározott sablonjaikat. igen, ezeknek a tartályoknak nagyobbnak kell lenniük. De bizonyos források hiánya miatt nem történt meg. Megpróbáltam minden tőlem telhetőt, és legközelebb is megpróbálok jobbat csinálni. Fordítót használok . ne törődj vele, ha bármilyen hibát látsz az írásomban

  9. Satyanwesi

    Here is a bugfix for the cargo pack that are causing excessive fragility in ets2 v1.38

  10. Satyanwesi

    Here is a bugfix for the cargo pack that are causing excessive fragility in ets2 v1.38 thank you

  11. Satyanwesi

    Link for the bugfix file for excessive fragility issue..

  12. I dont get why some people are so hostile, its a nice mod that adds some realism to the game. Great job man.

    1. Ez nem ellenségeskedés! Mivel ilyen konténeres kamionon dolgozom a valóságban,így gondoltam segítek egy észrevétellel! Ismétlem nem ellenségeskedés ! Mivel az ets2 a realitásra igyekszik alapozni,gondoltam ez jól jöhet! Remélem így már érted!

      1. Maybe all that but in English?

  13. Satyanwesi

    Thanks for your support, man. It’s my first cargo pack mod and some human mistake has happened. If u try the mod please apply the fix. 🙂

    1. I tried it and the containers look great. The only thing that I would suggest you do in a future update is to put the weight chart directly on the skin instead of it being on a white square .

      1. Satyanwesi

        Thanks for sharing your opinion. I will look forward to it when I do my next Cargo packs. 🙂

  14. Awesome mod i hope you will create more realistic cargoes and also in freight market 🙂

    1. Satyanwesi

      Thanks man.. I will surely add more container cargo and more tweaks.

  15. The Aviators

    There is no container on my trailer. Just blank. How do i need to fix it? Can you show it?

    1. Satyanwesi

      Freight market Note:
      If some container look blank that you want to take as a job
      then visit the company click the gear icon in
      the thumbnail and choose appropriate container.
      Compatible Ownable Trailer Cargo note:
      Supported Ownable Trailer Chassis(upgrade those in order to get Cargo market job):
      **For Standard Container Carriers Chassis: 3 axles, Flexible, 40ft Chassis & apply Blue paint on it.
      **Krone Box Liner chassis: 3 axles, Extentable, 40ft Chassis.
      **Standard Flatebed Trailer: Upgrade Chassis to “Floor with container Pins” & apply Red or Green paint on it.

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