Cargo Pack Pegasus V1.2


Version 1.2:

– Optimization bug.
– Contains 20 standalone trailers.

Copy file in ETS2/mod

Rodrigo Mota

DOWNLOAD 103.9 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 103.9 MB [sharemods]

16 Responses to Cargo Pack Pegasus V1.2

  1. Shogoon1984 says:

    It’s too big for bridges. You can’t pass under them.

    • Walter Plinge says:

      It’s done in real life!
      Plan your route, use the right rig to pull it.

      Deflate tyres (ok can’t do that in ets2 yet)

  2. Henryhay11 says:

    You should release this unlocked so people can edit / improve this

    • Kenny says:

      use scs unlocker … 😉

      • Henryhay11 says:

        If the author gives permission to do so them yes… Other than that… I will not be using scs unlocker… He’s locked it for a reason.

      • Oswald says:

        not working

  3. Tomdriver says:

    Nice, but nobody can pull an 80 tons trailer bacause of truck’s front lifting… 🙁

    • Rui says:

      if you use a 6×2/4 truck you can pull more than just 80 ton

  4. kisscool says:

    à revoir passe pas les péage ni les feux qui sont en hauteur ( 40t et 80t )

    je devais aller a rouen avec impossible

  5. wook says:

    In Volvo FH specification you can found GCW up to 120 tonnes so 80 tonnes shouldn’t be a problem. On YouTube are many videos with oversize and overweight trucks.

  6. takumi says:

    loads too big for picking up at trameri depot, stuck at arch lol

  7. WobblyCaptain says:

    Well I had ago no problem with it working it works ok but i tried the big 78t load what looks like a giant tunnelling machine and its massive lol
    see video for reference of this mod trailer in action

  8. Ariel Valle says:

    tested 1.20 version?

  9. Ariel Valle says:

    version 1.20?

  10. imnotarobot says:

    full of bugs and its freezing the game on 1.22x

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