Cargo Pack Pegasus V1.2


Version 1.2:

– Optimization bug.
– Contains 20 standalone trailers.

Copy file in ETS2/mod

Rodrigo Mota

DOWNLOAD 103.9 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 103.9 MB [sharemods]

16 thoughts on “Cargo Pack Pegasus V1.2

  1. Shogoon1984

    It’s too big for bridges. You can’t pass under them.

    1. Walter Plinge

      It’s done in real life!
      Plan your route, use the right rig to pull it.

      Deflate tyres (ok can’t do that in ets2 yet)

  2. Henryhay11

    You should release this unlocked so people can edit / improve this

    1. use scs unlocker … 😉

      1. Henryhay11

        If the author gives permission to do so them yes… Other than that… I will not be using scs unlocker… He’s locked it for a reason.

      2. not working

  3. Tomdriver

    Nice, but nobody can pull an 80 tons trailer bacause of truck’s front lifting… 🙁

    1. if you use a 6×2/4 truck you can pull more than just 80 ton

  4. à revoir passe pas les péage ni les feux qui sont en hauteur ( 40t et 80t )

    je devais aller a rouen avec impossible

    1. Bah roule sur les nationales du coup

  5. In Volvo FH specification you can found GCW up to 120 tonnes so 80 tonnes shouldn’t be a problem. On YouTube are many videos with oversize and overweight trucks.

  6. loads too big for picking up at trameri depot, stuck at arch lol

  7. WobblyCaptain

    Well I had ago no problem with it working it works ok but i tried the big 78t load what looks like a giant tunnelling machine and its massive lol
    see video for reference of this mod trailer in action

  8. Ariel Valle

    tested 1.20 version?

  9. Ariel Valle

    version 1.20?

  10. imnotarobot

    full of bugs and its freezing the game on 1.22x

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