Cargo Pack Pegasus

Cargo Pack Pegasus (1) Cargo Pack Pegasus (3) Cargo Pack Pegasus (2)

Contains 20 standalone trailers
It works on all maps except EAA right now

Author: Rodrigo Mota

DOWNLOAD 96 MB [Sharemods]

26 thoughts on “Cargo Pack Pegasus

  1. Does not work very well on the tsm map …

    … because the bridges are too low on the highways !!!

  2. Thank you, this cargo pack is beautiful! More beautiful than the DLC…

    1. KingScania

      dafuq is wrong with you oO

  3. With one of your trailers, the truck cannot turn any more.

    1. You need a 6×2/4 Truck

      1. Thank you

  4. deineMudda

    The load looks awesome. The Trailer, the chassi looks….ohm….not so good. It would be grerat if you use trailers like the trailers from Roadhunter

  5. djshrek27

    The lights and indicators do not work on the trailers

  6. super ugly work you have there bro…

  7. I like how the loads look & now a new heavy weight load of 80T, but can you turn down the $$$ received for those loads…it’s way too high!
    For example a 2,223Km run = a little over 1,381,000 Euros.
    Until now my best was a 269,000 Euros when the highest was 286,000 Euros.
    I mean…why would I want to deliver a MAN GTX rally truck from Hungary to Estonia for 66,000 when I can get 328,000 for some Hydrogen pipes on the same route?
    If I needed $$$ or XP I could always use: Cheat Engine 6.4 (64-bit)
    Olala, thank-you!

  8. Ragebayne

    Does it work with jazzycats packs and how is it with tsm ie the highway bridges mentioned earlier are they passable at all and toll booths also ?

    1. Drive Safely

      Yes it does work with Jazzycat’s since all the trailers in this pack are standalone (meaning each trailer in this pack is an addition to the trailers in the game).

      Some loads are too high for TSM bridges so you have to plan ahead for detours (otherwise use Assistance Service). Same procedure for toll booths

  9. Please re-upload with the files unlocked, I could rework some of the 3D trailer models and textures as some of the trailers aren’t very good. Also need to be able to edit the def file for more realistic money ect.

    1. solaris36

      + 1

    2. Drive Safely

      Yeah, good idea. Sometimes two modders are better than one. 🙂

    3. +1 Good idea

    4. Zhentrixcalipso

      Please do it, remake the chassis and trailers. That would be awesome

  10. Video plz…..and where could I found the trailers plz……rlyyyyyy

  11. Someone, before going to create mods like these, should learn to use a compass and set square, bridges and viaducts don’t automatically get up to your passage!

  12. Carbupito

    +1, re-upload with the files unlocked

  13. Drive Safely

    There are some bugs in this mod (e.g. missing rear wheel shadows for some of the trailers).

  14. Zetor165Maxterra

    Can I convert this mod to ATS?

  15. Zhentrixcalipso

    The cargoes are so beautiful but the lowbeds and chassis are just ####. Rodrigo shohld have take inspiration for the trailers by taking a look at roadhunters trailer pack or proper lowboy trailers.. btw Ill guve it a 6/10


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