Cargo Pack V.4.4


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Work on: 1.16




8 Responses to Cargo Pack V.4.4

  1. Xpolt says:

    no file

  2. Ficfic says:

    Link has a problem :'(

  3. warfreak says:


  4. UKHAUL says:

    I would never do that sharemods like the rest of them are riddled with malware

    • Theosz says:

      Well. I have a paid av, it is not free.

      Maybe there a good reason to him blocks these several pages.

      maybe because have some malware? trying open some port to get info or damage some in my pc without my knowledge? so, “unhappily” turn off is not a option, but thanks.

  5. james says:

    I just got the file finally to download and it works well on 1.16. These trailers are stand alone and also show up in AI traffic also. Just ran 2 trailers and no problems. It seems the files have been corrected now. some of them are tall loads and just ran two of the tallest and drove like any other trailer of simular weight. It is nice to see someone make some trailers that do not resemble the rest on the game.
    Yes you have to be very careful of mal and spyware because it is everywhere now. adware is becoming also a big problem also. Sometimes it is a race to the end of just trying to delete them before they set themselves up to activate. I have two computers-one for internet and one with no internet but both have anti malware,spyware,adware and virus sytems to slap the predators down and have good luck so far. The file seems to be good though as far as it working now.

  6. Verbatim says:

    I also have paid AV and antimaleware running real time, no problems downloading from sharemods, scnned file and connection, no issues at all.
    Thank you uploader, great trailer pack.

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