Cargo Pack v 5.7


– Added load Canas
– Added load War Tank
– Added Cargo Ship
– Added load containers
– Added load Ferari Forumla 1
– Added load Mechanic Equipment Transport
– Added new dual wheels chromed
– Changed trailers of some charges
– Correction leftover alungs trailers
– Correction of bugs



24 Responses to Cargo Pack v 5.7

  1. CrysS8 says:


  2. Lucas95 says:

    Credits for some Trailers??

  3. Arpadiam says:

    who in 7 hells put passwords on rars nowadays

  4. llh says:

    One or more of the trailers is making the game crash, not sure which one(s).

  5. jeanmichel says:

    cela marche avec la version 1-16-2

  6. Sarah1224 says:


  7. nito says:

    hello which would have a good code that works thank you

  8. nito says:

    hello which would have a good code that works thank you j

  9. farhad says:

    is it work with Russia map or only i have this problem?????

  10. Haweky Trucker says:


    I installed this cargo pack and game log is filled with errors. I do not know if it’s because the cargos of this mod are very old or are defective. Please check the cargos.

    Best regards

  11. TheDane2006 says:

    – Archive is broken when downloaded – have tried the newest WinRAR and downloaded twice, so please fix the archive please.

  12. Vanilla_Donut says:

    I downloaded it and Winrar pops up with an Error saying that “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.” Does anyone have this problem?
    I even downloaded it multiple times.

    • TheDane2006 says:

      – Yer mate yer are not alone with that problem – as yer can read out of me last post – i kinda hoped the developer overlooked the comments here and sorted it out.

  13. jorgen says:

    when i teip in the paswort i get incorect passwort it is packmods the right passwort

  14. Jauniuxas says:

    I cant open the file it says This archive is either in unknown format or damaged. How to fix?

  15. gentax says:

    file has broken

  16. onino1 says:


  17. onino1 says:

    Ohters link where is donwland this mod too.

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