Cargo Pack v 5.8

Cargo Pack (1) Cargo Pack (2)

– Added load Agricultural machines
– Added load Agricultural machines Grimme
– Added load Agricultural Machine 6095
– Added load Agricultural machines Amazone
– Added load Locomotive 1010
– Added load Agricultural Tractors
– Added images in packs and Description
– Compatibility with version 1.19.x
– Bug fix


Author: TlesGames


21 Responses to Cargo Pack v 5.8

  1. farmie0815 says:

    Stolen #### inside.
    The Linghams and the Trailer with the Toilets are made by Micha-BF3.
    I think you, have not the permission to reupload this.
    And by the way, the Trailer were all closed you son of a stinkin bitch.
    Remove this stolen content from here.

  2. Faelandaea says:

    Oooh I bet I could convert one of those toilets to a Tardis . . .

    Thanks for the upload. My day in Blender just got interesting.

  3. llh says:

    Don’t put passwords on this ####. Seriously. What the hell purpose does that serve? Stop that ####.

  4. Robert says:

    Thanks for the upload
    Guys no need to swear.
    just a nice note ll do
    Thanks all
    ( – _ – )

  5. Jck says:

    US Trailer Pack pls. 53′ Reefers and dry vans, drop decks, lowboys., bull wagons

  6. Jim says:

    this link working???
    I’ve downloaded 3 times now and every time archive apparently damaged

  7. Jim says:

    sorry meant Is the RAR file ok as mine has downloaded but cant be opened.

  8. Jim says:

    Dont bother 4th time rar still has errors for me . what a waste of time . Pitty their looks to be some good trailers here.

    • vlksmm says:

      Jim says: Password:

      • Jim says:

        yep seen that , problem is I cant even unpack as it shows up zip file achieve damaged …not once but four times in a row . yes its fully downloaded every time

        • Jim says:

          All good now … dont use Zip7 instead downloaded win zip and that did it no probs .


          • CrysS8 says:

            You download this pack and unpack in document/ets2/mod.
            no need to unzip the file in Ets2/mod

  9. Human says:

    ok and whaT daTe is mods changed lasT in pack

  10. barns2015 says:

    nice tailers how are yo to deliver the tall trailers when you can not get them
    under bridges and some of the drop places are in a compound with a low
    entrance think about that when you make these trailers

  11. barns2015 says:

    yes i have mist the u off

  12. Dalles says:

    Leider lässt sich diese Datei nicht entpacken egal mit welchen Programm schöner mod sch… DL 🙁

  13. lulu10 says:


  14. lulu10 says:

    c trés bien

  15. dan2404 says:

    Ошибка контрольной суммы в зашифрованном файле… Файл поврежден или указан неверный пароль.

    Checksum error in an encrypted file … The file is corrupt or has an invalid password.

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