Carls1309 Scania Illegal T v 1.0 [1.27]

First version of Scania Illegal T
Combinable with Carls1309 Scania Illegal and Scania Rjl
Multiple combinable options (some may not look good, choose the right combination)

Carls1309 , SCS, John Lee ,RJL,AU44,50Keda,V8K, GTMike.


7 thoughts on “Carls1309 Scania Illegal T v 1.0 [1.27]

  1. looks great but i think i have a mod conflict. any suggestions what it could be?

  2. in my game not worke my game crache

  3. Great mod, but bad optimised, FPS non-friendly 🙁

  4. hi. Great mod but into quick job mode make me crash. Please fix it. Thank!!!

  5. on home screen my own truck changes to a different one with parts missing. hope it gets fixed it looks awesome on photos

  6. Biggey Smalley

    Now my favorite truck. Not having any problems like the others. Same framerate as RJL Scania. Sounds like they have mod conflicts to me.Thanks for the Easter present. 🙂

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