Carls1309 Scania Illegal T v3.3

Updated to version 1.39
Fixed UV problems in textures
New functions added
Added new accessories
Partially compatible with accessory DLCs
Totally standalone
It can be modified, but please, do not re-upload, respect the download link.
Thanks for some parts and accessories:
SCS, John Lee, RJL, AU44,50Keda, V8K, GTMike.

Carls1309, SCS, John Lee, RJL, AU44,50Keda, V8K, GTMike.


8 thoughts on “Carls1309 Scania Illegal T v3.3

  1. 4K Video Review of the Mod

  2. Angle eyes Fake

  3. I can’t turn with the load

    1. Me neither, there are too many bugs in this truck, too bad !

  4. Nuffnsuss

    Mod is graphically brilliant, the physics however, are stuffed.
    Cannot turn with axles lowered, with axles raised it causes damage to the load and the truck. It will be a nice truck when the mod is finished, but at the moment, it should not have been released by the publisher.

  5. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – (Carls1309) Scania İllegal T v3.3 [1.39]

  6. Christophe

    Hello I love this truck, can you do it in 4X2 without the air cupboard, to be able to put the air plate on, please? Thank you

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