Carls1309 Scania R&S v 8.0 [1.27]

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Update to the version of Ets2 1.27 with some minor correction regarding the previous version of the mod.

Carls1309, SCS, RJL, AU44, 50Keda, V8K, GTMike, John Lee, Thunderhawk


3 thoughts on “Carls1309 Scania R&S v 8.0 [1.27]

  1. bonsaier002

    wäre super wenn ihr für den scania ein tandem chassi mit zwei lenkachsen machen würdet

  2. This truck and Scania illegal V8?

    Very good truck I will test v1.27. *

  3. Hello, in the interior section, in version 1.27 beta is just a flying, 🙂 however a great compliment mod for bringing even illegal in 1:27 beautiful job

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