Cash and Other Sound Decrease


Author: SomKilla

I used Audacity to lower the levels of coin.ogg, dunk.ogg, mail.ogg, message.ogg, money_4.ogg, neg_action.ogg, negative_rep.ogg, new_skill_2.ogg, pos_action.ogg, and star_filled.ogg. Makes them not so loud compared to everything else.


9 thoughts on “Cash and Other Sound Decrease

  1. link don`t work

  2. Yes link don’t work

  3. link ####, I can not download from Russian IP

  4. Here is another link for you guys, post if any problems!

    1. OK it work

  5. it work with 1.3.1 ????

  6. Nice mod, all sounds are lower now execp the money, its still to load, can you lower a little more, plz 🙂

    About sounds, I never understood why the handbrake dont make any sound when released, can you make it, would look more real 🙂


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