Cat 140M v1.1


Standalone trailer
Works in 1.24.x
Advance coupling
Compatible with DLC Scandinavia

Don’t upload and respect the credits

MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Borsalino88


3 Responses to Cat 140M v1.1

  1. terrance1 says:

    ^Supper mod.aber ich empfehle euch ketten oder so ranzumachen
    das er nicht wegrucht

    im ralen leben würde er so runterfallen:)

  2. Ádám Bagó says:

    Great job. I like heavy transport trailers all one. If I need some help about mod creating can you help me please? I drew it with CAD import to Zmodeler, but have not idea to do .scs file with my truck n tandem trailer.

  3. aleksey says:

    Твои,блядь моды заибали уже-КУКАЛЬНЫЕ.Сделай хоть один реальный.Или “тямы” не хватаит?

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