Cat C15 engine sound V2 for the Peterbilt 389


Hi all, here’s a little update of my Cat C15 engine sound.

The zip archives comes with two mods, one is “normal” the other one
has the turbo and gear shifing lowered by 50% from the original.


The external exhaust sound comes from my friend Volidas. Thx to him
for this.



15 thoughts on “Cat C15 engine sound V2 for the Peterbilt 389

  1. always very good job.

    1. darrenkocay

      it sounds close to the real thing but not quite there yet

  2. ETS_Cobra

    I just started using this truck again and this is perfect!!!

    Thanks once again for a job well done Kriechbaum.

  3. Keep it up!!!
    You hit again…

    1. the best external exhaust sound ever

  4. good morning .. Kriechbaum your sounds are perfect as always .. but the peterbilt 389 does not work properly on my computer., he runs very slow .. but the peterbilt 379 works perfect for me …. please you can also make the sound for the 379 … thank as always .. your friend carl (nl)

  5. kriechbaum

    Here’s the same sound, but on the Peterbilt 379. All in one, sound + truck together.


  6. well done brilliant as always your the best kriechbaum i only use you engine sounds because no one else come close to yours. thanks paul

  7. The one thing I like about this is the turbo, that actually sounds good. Could be a tad louder though!!

  8. Leonardo Santana

    Very well ! Thanks for your job! Great AGAIN 😀

  9. kriechbaum

    Thanks everyone

    Here’s the same sound on the Peterbilt 359

    1. Friend Kriechbaum, link to the Peterbilt 359 truck for version 1.8.xx please and thank Friend

  10. Redneck49

    Can’t get it to work with the 389. Not sure why, put the truck and sound in mods but still have the Cummins sound not Cat C15.

  11. I dont get the sound when your Hpr is high and you shift to lower gear even that i have the top engine =I

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