ETS2 Bus mods

Are you dreaming about driving a coach in ETS2? Let the dreams come true! This is our newest category decided for ETS2 bus mods. We know that many ETS players like to drive busses and transport passengers. So turn the key, start the engine and enjoy your cruise with ETS2 coach mod.

Travego S Edition-17Shd Megamod (1.40.x)

Orjinal Motor Sesi, 2 Adet Retarder Sesi
Orjinal Kapı Sesi
Özelleştirilebilir Plaka
Kayar Tabela ve Arka Paspas Özelliği
Kapı ve Cam Animasyonu
Araç İçi Özel Kişiselleştirilmiş Slotlandırma Seçenekleri
Yaklaşık 40 Adet Firma Kaplamaları

Original Engine Sound, 2 Retarder Sounds
Original Door Sound
Customizable Plate
Sliding Sign and Rear Mat Feature
Door and Window Animation
In-Vehicle Special Personalized Slotting Options
Approximately 40 Firm Coatings

Proje Sahibi : OyuncuyusBisMods
Model : Mahyar GH.
Ek 3D Modeller : Fatih Ulusoy
Model Düzenleme / Oyuna Aktarma : Artin Kazanciyan
Fmod Ses Motoru: Evr, FreeLance, Max2712
Firma Kaplamaları : BeyBedross, Burak Bıkmaz, Hasan Çekdar


Scania Touring HD | 1.40

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The last few months have seen the initial deliveries to UK customers of Scania coaches carrying Touring HD coachwork manufactured in China by Higer. It is the first time that British operators have been able to purchase a Chinese built body on a European built chassis, as previous imports from China have been of completely Chinese built integral or body/chassis combinations, albeit with European running units. An initial batch of 20 coaches has been built, all 13.7m long examples mounted on the K410EB6x2*4 tri-axle chassis.

In terms of specification, Martin explained that the intention is to replicate that of the 13.7m coach as far as is possible. With both the 13.7m model and the 12.1m, the concept is one of offering a relatively standard specification that meets most needs, which also brings with it price and parts advantages. A further benefit of this is that, when the need arises, an operator can purchase from stock to meet it. If a longer lead time is available, there is more.


Suspension Setting


(input this code to you command console.)
g_truck_stability 1




Version 1.40

fix material,re export all pmd, and also fixed buses sound.


Audio setting
(you can see that on last image).


Muhammad Husni,RATTI, Bimo Wahyu Saputro.


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